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Book Review: The Life of Jesus, A Chronological Account from God's Word

The Life of Jesus, A Chronological Account from God's Word is basically a Bible reading of the Gospel in order of chronological events. All four Gospels are included.
It is in the God's Word translation, which I'd never heard of before reading this book.
In the back of the book is a "time-line of Jesus ministry, and Jesus' promises and parables, radical teachings, and encounters with others."
There are few commentary notes in the book written by Jonathan Ziman pastor at Wheaton Bible Church in Wheaton, Illinois.
I just don't have a lengthy review for this book, because I considered the book mediocre.
I enjoy reading from my own Bible the events of Jesus and the Gospel message.
This book would probably be a good choice for a new Christian that is wanting to read about Jesus and His message of the Gospel.
This book could also be used as a devotional type book.
But, for me I was not impressed. Sorry.

Published by Baker Books, A division of Baker Publishing Group 2010
Christian Non-Fiction/Chronological Gospel of Jesus/Bible Reading/Devotional
256 pages

Link @ Christian Book:
Hardcover $12.99

Link for a guide to the God's Word Translation of the Bible.
From Christian Book:

Blissful Reading!


Becky said…
I am not a fan of the God's Word all...not even a little bit.