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Book Review: Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado

While I was reading this book I thought about why Max Lucado is such an approachable (and yes popular) Christian author.
1. Chapters are kept short.
2. Vivid detail so reader will understand.
3. Application after application for the reader to relate to and bring home to their own life.
4. He does not lecture at you, he sits next to you and speaks about deep things that any intellect can understand.

Six Hours One Friday is not the first book I've read of Max Lucado's and it will most certainly not be the last. I do feel this book is a quintessential read for a Christian. Next time you shop in a book store look for it, you'll be glad you've made the time to read this gem.

Explanation is given in the first chapter that Three Anchor Points will be given and described.
1. My Life Is Not Futile.
2. My Failures Are Not Fatal.
3. My Death Is Not Final.
"Anchor points. Firm rocks sunk deeply in a solid foundation. Not casual opinions or negotiable hypotheses, but iron clad undeniables that will keep you afloat. How strong are yours? How sturdy is your life when faced with one of these three storms?" page 4.
For the first Anchor Point, we are given the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. See John chapter 4.
Her life seemed "insignificant" at least to her, until she met Jesus. He was waiting for her at the well, he asked her for a drink of water. A Jew talking to a Samaritan, and in addition a woman with a shady past. All the others had made her feel unimportant, fallen, disgraced. Her life felt futile. Yet Jesus told her He was the Messiah, and that He would give her "living water" and "that she would never be thirsty again." Her life was no longer futile.
In Anchor Point two, a question is asked. "What do you do with all your failures?"
Do you hide them? Do you try to make amends? Do you give up and state it's just the way I am?
What do you do when your sack of failures is too heavy to carry?
Max writes, "Don't we all long for a father who, even though our mistakes are written all over the wall, will love us anyway, don't we want a father who cares for us in spite of our failures?"
Anchor Point three was my favorite section of the book. The bully---death. Sooner or later death will come to ALL of us. Death is certain. It cannot be escaped. Max writes, "the bully is too big for you to fight by yourself. That's why you need a big brother." That "big brother" is Jesus. Because Jesus arose from the grave conquering death, we can state that "our death is not final."

Published by Thomas Nelson 2009
224 pages
Non-Fiction/Crucifixion of Jesus

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Blissful Reading!