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It has been a long time since I've posted a roundabout. Roundabout is a post where I re-post those blogs, websites, and other snippets of news that I've found that might be of interest to my own readers.

Exemplify Online has changed their site up a bit. They've added a Bible study---a Quarterly series---and the current series is called Breakfast on the Beach, also new is the ability for readers to submit their own writings, a new spotlight on ministries, and the hint of future new things to come.
Exemplify Online is a Christian ministry focused on and for women.

Kyria is also a Christian Online ministry focused on and for women. They stress discipleship, leadership, spiritual growth, marriage and family. There is a cost for full membership access to all articles, $14.95. You can submit your email to receive some articles of interest. If my memory serves me right, Kyria began after Today's Christian Woman magazine ended publication.

I just found a site that I know I'll visit often, Credo Magazine. If you click on the previous link given you'll be taken to their about page. I'm happy to say they are a, "free, full color, digital magazine, that is published bi-monthly."
Current March issue.
Several noteworthy articles in this magazine: stories of missionaries past and present--including St. Patrick, several non-fiction book reviews, and an article entitled The Great Commission Story by Brian Vickers.

Denny Burk, he writes "a commentary on theology, politics and culture."

HSBC (Holman Christian Standard Bible) They've released a Bible reading survey.
A translation comparison of this Bible.
About their newest study Bible.

Article from the Gospel Coalition, an interview of Lauren Chandler (wife of pastor Matt Chandler) on suffering. 
Mini-study entitled, Yahweh of Armies: The Battle Belongs to the Lord. 

ESV Crossway Blog,  7 Steps to Walking the Spiritual Walk.

Jenifer Jernigan's Diving Deeper Ministries. A writer of Bible studies offering free access and downloads. 

From Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible.
Upcoming Bible Releases:
What makes books worthy?
A review of 25 Books Every Christian Should Read:

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Becky said…
Thanks for the round-up! I found the Bible-readers survey results to be very fascinating!!! And the Lauren Chandler interview was great too!