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Spring Break 2012

I will NOT be posting during the next week, Spring Break starts for me now! I have family coming to visit tomorrow and the grandkids will be with us next week. Yeah!!!!!
Look for a Sunday Salon on Sunday March 25. I will state, that this week I finished reading Hebrews in the King James Version, this makes 3 times for this year. I am keeping up with the Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System too.
The next book reviews I have coming up will be: Simon and the Easter Miracle, A Traditional Tale for Easter by Mary Joslin and Anna Luraschi. Also, Living Free In Enemy Territory by Greg Dutcher, and Special Delivery by Kathi Macias. I hope to start reading Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan soon. I read this work several years ago, time to read it again, and what better time than at Easter.

Blissful Reading!


Terry said…
Enjoy those grandbabies!