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The Sunday Salon

Good Sunday evening to you!
I'm a little late in posting my current Bible readings for the week. I've spent a lot of the day outside dreaming about my future garden, pulling weeds, and preparing my garden plot. It's a beautiful early Spring day. I noticed butterflies, bees, red wasps, and robins. The trees and flowers are budding and blooming.
Easter is not until April 8 so we may still have another cold snap; but I think Spring has arrived in north Texas.

At the beginning of this past week I started reading my daily Bible readings from the English Standard Version.
I'll be explaining why in a book review this week. The book is The ESV and the English Bible Legacy by Leland Ryken. After reading his book I decided to make my primary Bible reading and studying from the ESV translation.

In my daily Bible readings I've read so far through Exodus chapter 7, 1 Samuel chapter 7, Psalms chapter 68, Isaiah chapter 52, Luke chapter 7, Acts chapter 23. I finished 2 Corinthians on February 27. I've read through Galatians chapter 2, and Revelation chapter 14.

In Bible Study Fellowship we just finished studying 1 and 2 Corinthians (this means I read these books twice so far this year.) This week we have started Ephesians.

Blissful Reading!