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Book Review: Born Crucified by L.E. Maxwell

Born Crucified first appeared as a series of teachings in The Sunday School Times entitled, "The Cross and the Life of the Believer."
L.E. Maxwell (1894-1984) was born in Salina, Kansas. He became a Christian just before leaving for service in World War I. After World War I he attended and graduated from Midland Bible Institute. He accepted an offer to teach Bible courses in a dilapidated farmhouse in Three Hills, Canada. In the beginning there were only 10 students, later growing in to a premier Bible College. He was "founder, president, and professor at the Prairie Bible College in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. He served as president 55 years.

Born Crucified according to the synopsis on the back cover, "in simple sermon and exhortation, the role of the Cross in the life of the believer."
Throughout the book Maxwell delivers the theme of crucifying ourself, our old self, our selfish self. Another words we must die to self. In order to really live a life that is victorious, we must die to self.
In the foreword by Henry and Tom Blackaby, "Dying to self in order to live through Christ is more than a philosophy; it is the only way of life for every Christian who wants to overcome the sin that so easily entangles them."
Twenty-five short chapters are written with basis and focus of the Cross, and further what it means to a Christian's life. 
While reading this marvelous book, and I might add quite a compliment to the previous two books I'd just read: The Seven Sayings of the Savior on the Cross, as well as a biography on J. Hudson Taylor.
In the book on Hudson Taylor he was an example of a life lived for Jesus, not himself. He had crucified his old self, his sin nature with the propensity to selfishness and pride, and instead lived his life as a servant for Christ Jesus.
The Seven Sayings of the Savior on the Cross, in great depth and analysis, taught the reader the seven sayings that Jesus spoke on the cross.
The wooden cross that the Roman's used for torturous execution was where Jesus shed his blood and died for our sin, and by this act of death, our life is atoned for.
In Born Crucified Maxwell writes that Jesus was nailed to the cross for our sin, but we were also nailed to that cross as well.
Maxwell writes, "When Christ took upon Himself my humanity, apart from which He could never have borne the penalty for my sins. He made me one with Himself. I am identified with Him. He not only died for me, but I died with Him. He took me with Himself into death, and His death was my death to sin." page 31
I believe, and I maybe wrong, that there are Christians who believe that their sin is just not that bad. The opposite thought would be their sin is just too bad and Christ Jesus' atoning work on the cross could not be sufficient enough for their sin.
Either thinking is just prideful and it stinks!
It was my horrible grievous filthy rotten sin that nailed Jesus to the cross. He gave His life, surrendered it fully of His own will, so that I would not have to. He took my place.
To me it is direly important that we each put our name and place it on the cross. We must identify His death was for us.
When we studied Isaiah last year in BSF we studied of course chapter 53. When we read verses 4-6, I inserted my name instead of "our," "we," and "us."
"Surely he has borne Annette's griefs and carried Annette's sorrows; yet I esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for Annette's transgressions; he was crushed for Annette's iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought Annette peace, and with his stripes Annette is healed.
All Annette like sheep have gone astray; Annette has turned-every one-to her own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of Annette." Isaiah 53:4-6 ESV.
I cannot read those verses without weeping.
My life is not my own, I don't get to do what I want. And you know what? At this point in my walk with Jesus, I don't want to!
Jesus is my life! And there is no other!

Re-Published by Moody 2010, originally published by Moody in 1945
224 pages
Non-fiction/Crucifixion of Jesus/Christian Living

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