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The Sunday Salon

It's been 4 Sunday's since I've posted The Sunday Salon. There have been a few days when I was not able to read the Bible readings, then there were days when I read several chapters in one sitting. At this point I've read through:
Exodus 28
1 Samuel 21
Luke 19
Acts 3
Colossians 2
1Timothy 1
I finished Isaiah on March 28.
I finished Acts for the second time on March 19.
I finished 1 and 2 Thessalonians for the second time on March 25.
I finished Ephesians and Philippians on March 25.
I actually read Galatians and Ephesians a third time during my Bible readings for BSF.

Starting today I'll cease my normal Bible Reading system I'm using---Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System.
Instead, I plan to read through the Gospel books during this next week.
Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible is the host of Reading the New Testament in a Week. Last Easter she and I read all of the NT. This time both of us are going about it in a different way. We both know that we can accomplish the goal of reading all of the NT in seven days. Neither one of us wants this Bible reading challenge to be about gulping down Scripture in order to just finish. Both of us plan to focus on reading as much as possible from the NT. My goal is to read through all the Gospels starting with Mark, then Matthew, Luke, and finishing with John.
You are welcome to join us. You can leave a comment on her blog @ this link:
This challenges focus is about reading the Bible during the week before Easter. It is not meant to be about beating someone else to the finish, or reading more than someone else. It is solely about reading His Word and letting Him speak afresh to us this Easter week.

Are you reading God's Word?