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The Sunday Salon

I had scheduled this post for Last Sunday and it did not post!
Good Sunday morning to you!

I totally forgot to mention what I read during the New Testament in a Week Challenge for the week before Easter.
My challenge was to read Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. In that order. I read Mark, Matthew, and Luke. I did not read John. My week got a way from me with family that came to visit.
I read the above Gospel books from the ESV. 

During the past week, for my daily Bible readings and still using The Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System ( adapted it a bit.)
I finished Leviticus, 27 chapters.
I read through 2 Samuel chapter 13.
I read through Psalm 99.
I read through Jeremiah chapter 11.
I read the first 6 chapters of John.
I read through Acts chapter 9.
I read through Romans chapter 4.
I finished 2 Timothy, 4 chapters. This is the 3nd time this year to read this book, 2 times for this Bible reading system, and a 3rd time for BSF.
All the above read from the ESV, English Standard Version.

Are you reading your Bible?