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Book Review: The Girl In The Gatehouse by Julie Klassen

The year is 1813 and early autumn. Mariah Aubrey and her former nanny Miss Dixon have said a tearful but swift goodbye to her parents and younger sister Julia. By carriage they travel for 2 days until they reach sheep country and then a village named Whitmore. Just outside of town lies the 17th Century English manor house named Windrush Court. Aubrey's aunt Fran, or as she is called now Mrs. Prin-Hallsey, has given permission for Aubrey and Miss Dixon to "take refuge" in the gatehouse. The gatehouse is small, dusty, and in "disrepair." The house is "built of Cotswold stone and has twin turreted towers." It takes much polish and scrubbing to make the house a home to be lived in. With the gatehouse comes a much needed mouser named Chaucer. Across the road from the gatehouse is the derelict poorhouse. It is an ominous and grim building. Mariah is a young woman in her early 20's. She has been forced to leave home because of something she was involved…


Roundabout is a post where I visit the blogs and websites that I follow, then re-post those I'd found that might be of interest to my readers. This Roundabout is a bit different this time!

My visits today were lengthy. I visited all 113 blogs that I follow. I actually followed a few more but have removed myself from those for various reasons, such as they no longer exist, or the author had not posted in nearly year, or maybe the blog moved.
While visiting these blogs I made myself at home: reading their current posts, plucking their blog buttons and  putting them on one of my 3 blogs, visiting their links, and following them on the various social networks such as Twitter--Facebook--Goodreads--Shelfari.
Most of the blogs I follow are book review blogs, a few are inspirational or devotional writings, 1 is specifically on the home such as cooking and cleaning, 1 is both for cooking and book reviews, 1 blog I follow is about cooking while living in a RV, a few are written by publish…


I have had several people join my blog over the past few days---through various social networks. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your readership. I'm hoping this is the beginning of a wonderful and enriching experience through reading!


Book Review: The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen

Margaret Macy is a young woman in her early twenties. She is living in London in the family home. The time period is early 1800's. Margaret has a luscious head of thick blond hair, fair of face, and a penchant for vanity. Her step-father Sterling Benton is a possessive, controlling cad. He and his nephew Marcus Benton have devised a plan for Margaret to marry Marcus. Margaret is wanting to remain unmarried, on her 25th birthday she will receive an inheritance an aunt left her. Upon over-hearing Sterling and Marcus' plan, Margaret in haste leaves her home and London. Living a life of luxury Margaret does not know even how to dress and undress herself. Her meals have always been prepared and served to her. Her laundry and room have always been cleaned and cared for. The servants that have cared for her and the family home, Margaret has taken advantage of selfishly. After leaving London, Margaret must change her identity and find a job. For the first time in her life she must ea…

Memorial Day 2012

Friendship Friday Blog Hop #20, Week of May 25

Friendship Friday Blog Hop is the creation of Create With Joy an inspirational blog.
Each Friday the author posts a question or two for bloggers to answer on their own blog and then take part in a link up in order for bloggers to socially visit with each other.
This weeks questions and my answers are:

What's the best advice (or worst) you've ever been given?

I try to forget the worst advice I've ever been given. Good to forget and good to not pass along. 
The best advice I've gotten have come from older family and friends who've lived and
experienced life and have learned a thing or two....or three. 

For example:
My sister JoAnn is 14 1/2 years older than I am. She is a breast cancer survivor. When I was going through breast cancer surgery (2005) and all that comes before and afterwards. She told me, "Annette, live in the moment. Don't worry about this afternoon, don't worry about tonight, don't worry about tomorrow, and don't worry about next week.…

Do You Review and Have An eReader?

If you review books, I have found a source for your eReader. NetGalley has many publication companies where you can quickly request and have the book on your eReader for reading and reviewing.
If you click on the following link you can read more about this source.

Coming Soon!

Time For A Change

I've made a few changes in the way I read my daily Bible readings and the way I'll be posting updates.
In the past I've posted my daily Bible readings on Sundays on a post entitled The Sunday Salon. I've decided to end that. The weekends are so busy, Sunday mornings are busy getting ready for Church and then Church, then home for dinner, nap, and then the day is often filled with family activities, before you know it the day is finished. I've tried scheduling posts, that was not working out either. On the side bar of this blog is a space for my challenge this year in reading Hebrews 12 times in 12 different translations. At the top of the blog is a page for Completed Bible Books Read. I plan to post Bible readings completed in this space only. I've not kept up with that in the past, but as of today it is accurate. Until a better plan is made, this will be how I post my Bible readings and keep myself in check with accountability.
I have also decided to move awa…

Book Review: Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin

When Wonderland Creek begins we are quickly introduced to our main character Alice Ripley. Alice lives in Blue Island, Illinois and the year is 1936. She is a young woman age 22, living at home with her parents, a lovely petite blond, working in a library, and has a boyfriend named Gordon. Alice though loves books so much, that her every waking moment is with the thought of the current book she is reading, or the book she just read, or even the book she hopes to read. Alice is the perfect definition of a book lover gone to the extreme. She has literally tripped over and bumped in to objects because she was busy reading a book while walking. Her life thus far has completely revolved around books and reading, and of course her family (although I state that lightly because her nose is always in a book.)
I loved it that her character loved books and reading; but she is also a dreamy, immature, selfish, insensitive person. She keeps everything at a distance from her immediate attention, e…

Bible Study Expo 2012

Bible Study Expo for women is May 17, 2012----From 1 until 5 P.M. Central Time----Free and From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!
15 Bible Studies are scheduled that afternoon, with each study lasting about 15 minutes each.
Some of the teachers are Sheila Walsh, Mary Kassian, Babbie Mason, Kathy Howard and more!
Click on the link to sign up for this wonderful opportunity of Bible Study!

From what I understand from the website the expo on May 17 is free, but to join and have full membership benefits there is a cost.
Please see-----