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Book Review: The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen

Margaret Macy is a young woman in her early twenties. She is living in London in the family home. The time period is early 1800's. Margaret has a luscious head of thick blond hair, fair of face, and a penchant for vanity. Her step-father Sterling Benton is a possessive, controlling cad. He and his nephew Marcus Benton have devised a plan for Margaret to marry Marcus. Margaret is wanting to remain unmarried, on her 25th birthday she will receive an inheritance an aunt left her. Upon over-hearing Sterling and Marcus' plan, Margaret in haste leaves her home and London. Living a life of luxury Margaret does not know even how to dress and undress herself. Her meals have always been prepared and served to her. Her laundry and room have always been cleaned and cared for. The servants that have cared for her and the family home, Margaret has taken advantage of selfishly. After leaving London, Margaret must change her identity and find a job. For the first time in her life she must earn her keep by the sweat of her brow. She is able to secure a job at Fairbourne Hall, owned by the Upchurch family. Margaret must work hard not only to maintain her disguised identity, because she knows this family, but she also must work hard to clean and care for Fairbourne Hall. Margaret's plight will become exhausting in every way, yet her experience of work----just may change her life.

There are 2 things that I loved most about this book:
1. The transformation of Margaret Macy. Both physically and in character.
2. Description of life for a servant in a manor house. As I am a devoted fan of Downton Abbey, I have a keen interest in this subject.

I loved the various assortment of characters from tempestuous scoundrels to hard-working servants.
The servants to me made the icing on this book. They were a people I could relate to more easily than I could to the upper society. They had deliciously flavored personalities.

I really loved this book!  I consider it a page-turner!

Thank you to Bethany House and An Open Book for my free book in exchange for an honest review.

Published by Bethany House January 2012
416 pages
Christian Fiction/Servants in Early 19th Century/Manor House/England/Romance

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Paperback $10.19
Kindle $8.54


Cathy said…
I love this book too! I used to clean houses for a living, so I could relate to the servant characters as well. Julie is such a great author, love all her books!