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Roundabout is a post where I visit the blogs and websites that I follow, then re-post those I'd found that might be of interest to my readers. This Roundabout is a bit different this time!

My visits today were lengthy. I visited all 113 blogs that I follow. I actually followed a few more but have removed myself from those for various reasons, such as they no longer exist, or the author had not posted in nearly year, or maybe the blog moved.
While visiting these blogs I made myself at home: reading their current posts, plucking their blog buttons and  putting them on one of my 3 blogs, visiting their links, and following them on the various social networks such as Twitter--Facebook--Goodreads--Shelfari.
Most of the blogs I follow are book review blogs, a few are inspirational or devotional writings, 1 is specifically on the home such as cooking and cleaning, 1 is both for cooking and book reviews, 1 blog I follow is about cooking while living in a RV, a few are written by published authors for emphasis on publicizing their books, 2 blogs I follow are on Jane Austen and the culture and lifestyle of her period. 

There are several noteworthy points that I noticed from todays visits.
1. The most successful blogs "know" their subject. Whether they are posting on a recipe, or a particular period in history, or reviewing a book---the blogger is knowledgeable and loyal to their subject.
When I state successful, my definition is not how many people are following their blog or another words how popular they are in bloggerville. Success to me means that after several years they are still posting on their blog, their blog was not a spur of the moment "fly-by-night" sorta venture. Success to me also means their blog has grown-up so to speak, it has made definite strides in developing maturity, and further the blogger has a passion that spills over to their audience.
2. There are several blogs that I follow that have thousands of followers. There is certainly no problem with that, but a huge audience makes for a stressful duty to frequently post. Which leads to number 3.
3. Frequent posting is a must. At least 1 time a week or more. Most blogs with a large audience post everyday or nearly everyday. Even if having a large audience is not a goal for you, you want your blog to have a lived-in feeling, you don't want readers to think you don't take the blog seriously or that the lights are on and nobody is home. Frequent posting and a large audience usually leads to more comments.
4. Comments make the blogger feel as if they are actually writing to someone, not a blank wall. Comments can be fun, educational. They are a way to get feedback about what's been posted. Of course comments can also lead to spam, arguments, and the inability to say in words what you could say better in person.
5. Blogging is not an insignificant or minuscule act. It is not a hobby, I guess it could be considered one but its to consuming I think to be one. Blogging to me is a mission, a task, a lifestyle. It requires much much work. It requires continuous learning and developing. It requires humility and devotion.
6. Blogging requires creativity. A blog requires a visually stimulating and engaging page. Several of the blogs I follow remind me of scrapbook pages, lovely dainty flowers or fairies or other sweet things are on their page. Some bloggers though prefer a minimalist just-the-facts view.
The first impression when looking at a blog, maybe the last for a visitor. When looking at the top of the page where the title and the description is, if this is enticing enough then they scan the rest of the page, possibly never making it down to the bottom (where most of us place our link buttons on people we follow.)
Back in high school I was in yearbook staff for 2 years, one of the few things I remember about the lay-out was in its arrangement in order to be visually appealing to the eyes. Empty space in certain areas is not good, blank space can loose appeal. On the other hand a too busy page can be distracting and annoying.
7. I don't believe that most readers read all of the book review or posting. I wish this was not the case, but a typical reader to me is looking for information and they are hoping it will be quick. We are are a society that leans toward the attitude of I want it handed to me quickly, white gloves optional.


Becky said…
Loved reading your observations. I agree with many of them! I do think blogging is hard work, much more than just a hobby.