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Big Announcement!

Thursday evening I interviewed for The Christian Manifesto. They are a On-line magazine that reviews books, films, music in the Christian culture. I've been hired to write reviews on non-fiction books, specifically theology, textual criticism, Biblical history, etc. I am very humbled---albeit excited about this opportunity!
After 5 years of writing and posting reviews on my own blogs, I will be writing reviews for a specific site hosted by an organization. Professionalism and comradely and communication will be important factors in success. My prayer is that the Lord will guide me every step and every sentence of the way.
I am not planning to end my blogs. I will continue to write and post reviews on the following blogs I author.
A Garden of Books
Impressions In Ink
as well as this current blog.
You can also find me on Goodreads.
And Twitter
And Facebook.

Thank you!


Julia said…
Congrats, this is awesome, Annette. You write great reviews and I'm so glad you have the opportunity to do this!!
Terry said…
How exciting for you! Congrats!!