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Book Review: Chasing The Sun, Land Of The Lone Star Book One by Tracie Peterson

Hannah Dandridge is a young woman in her mid-twenties living with her father and younger siblings in north Texas. Their ranch is just north of Dallas. They left Mississippi and came to Texas just before the Civil War, in order for her father to make a "new life" away from painful memories. When the book begins it is 1863, Hannah is concerned because her father had gone back to Mississippi, and after a lengthy time she has not yet heard from him. Knowing that it is possible that he has been taken by the northern troops, worries Hannah even more. What if his absence is prolonged? Hannah is responsible for her younger siblings and the running of the ranch. Mr. Lockhart is her father's business partner. Hannah tries to respect his decisions; yet she does not like him. As the story progresses Mr. Lockhart becomes increasingly more difficult for Hannah to reason with. Early in the book we are introduced to a wounded Veteran Will Barnett. He is a handsome man who is not a stranger to the ranch Hannah and her family live on. Even though it is a surprise to have Will arrive at the ranch, he becomes an ally.

I loved this story!
I most appreciated that the romance part was mature. Meaning it was not silly or giggly or over the top; but instead sincere, and it was seasoned in order to develop over-time.
The narrative included what Texas was like during the Civil War years. For example the blockades from the war, fear of battles in Texas, Comanche Indian raids and controlled areas by them, agriculture and ranching life, certain food products were difficult to find or purchase during the war.
Hannah is a strong character. She is resilient, quiet, reflective, a deep-thinker. She is both lovely outwardly and inwardly. She is a woman of prayer. She is a person that is self-sacrificing and selfless. She speaks her mind and does so bravely. She looks for opportunities to tell others about the Gospel message. She does not tell others she is a Christian, she lives her life in action that she is a Christian.
I'm anxious to read book number 2!

Thank you to Bethany House for my free review copy in exchange for an honest review!

Published by Bethany House March 2012
352 pages
Fiction/Romance/Civil War/Western/Texas History
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Paperback $10.19
Kindle $8.54

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Terry said…
Always enjoy Tracie Perterson.