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Book Review: Son Of The Underground, The Story Of Isaac Liu, Son Of Brother Yun, The Heavenly Man by Isaac Liu with Albrecht Kaul

Isaac Liu's father was an "enemy of the state." His father was an evangelist and preacher in communist China. His parents as well as Isaac's paternal grandmother loved and worshiped Jesus. Isaac's grandmother he called Nai Nai, even in her old age she would walk many miles to neighboring villages for prayer meetings and worship. Nai Nai would take her grandson Isaac with her. Isaac's mother worked in the fields and his father was often in jail for failure to stop evangelizing others to Jesus. Nai Nai would tell Isaac, "Much prayer, much power-little prayer, little power. Prayer equals power." Isaac grew up with a family that lived their faith in a country that was hostile and abusive to them. They persevered and worked tirelessly to spread the Gospel message of Jesus. China was a country not only of communism, but of belief in evil spirits, bad luck, fate, and occult worship. Yet, Isaac's tiny Nai Nai would in God's strength and power renounce evil.

Son Of The Underground is the story of Isaac Liu and his family beginning in China, from the time of his birth until present. We are given a powerful memoir of life under communist China. Isaac being born in to a Christian family did not automatically mean he was saved, but he became a Christian because of his own personal choice of belief in Jesus as the Christ. Isaac's belief in Jesus would lead him to also be at risk of being persecuted. It would also lead him to wonder and be in prayer about what was God's mission for his life! 

Son Of The Underground, was eye-opening in its depth of what life in communist China is like for a Christian that lives their faith in action.
I appreciated Isaac Liu's transparency and boldness in sharing his story.
This is a book that is encouraging, inspiring, motivating.
I love to read biographies that do not just tell me the character's are Christian, but they show me by their faith in action---even at great peril.

For more information---but in German, link was given in the book:

Thank you to Kregel Publications and Lion Hudson for my free review copy in exchange for an honest review!

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Published by Lion Hudson January 2012
144 pages

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Paperback $9.49


Becky said…
I really want to read this book!
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Pinning this to Books I'd Like to Read