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Friendship Friday Blog Hop # 21, For Week of June 1, 2012

What's the best blog post that you've read this week? 
What made it so special?

This is a great question for me in that I visited all the blogs I follow earlier in this week. I'm hoping I can name a few of them, since I found more than one, and they are listed in order of my favorites!

1. Katy Pent my friend from Discovery House Publishers wrote a great post this past week: Her blog is Pursuing The Wind.   
She wrote a post dated April 8 entitled, What About Me.
In her post she wrote about self-centeredness and the desire to want to rule our lives, and not  follow God's will and direction and timing in our life. So, the statement we've all heard, "it's not about me, it is about God." katy elaborated on in her post. It really spoke to me and I appreciate her transparency. 

2. P.J. Cockrell wrote a post dated May 26 entitled, The Heart of Discipleship.
Mr. Cockrell's post addresses what it means to fully follow Jesus. We forsake all else, we let go of all the insignificant things in this life, for the greater cause which is to "live for Christ Jesus." 

3. Dreaming Beneath The Spires blog. The author wrote a post about secrets, when they should not be kept secret but told!

4. A tribute to D-Day-Normandy Invasion. Any post on D-Day is special to me because my dad is a D-Day Veteran.

5. Over at Historical Tapestry a book review.
I felt she wrote a great review because it was written with both clarity and her own personal feelings about the book. It gave just the right information that I would need to decide if I too wanted to read this book.

Thank you to Create-With-Joy for creating this weekly post!


K.R. Pent said…
Thank you so much, Annette. I'm thankful God uses our struggles to encourage each other. We all walk the same path Home; it's wonderful to not do it alone.
Anita said…
Thanks much, Annette, for including my post on not keeping secrets!!
Anita said…
Annette, thanks much for including my post on NOT keeping secrets! :-)