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Friendship Friday #24--Week of June 22, 2012

This weeks questions are:
"What is something new you've recently learned about blogging?"
"What is a great tip that you'd like to share?"
"Is there a site you would like to recommend about blogging?"
"Have you written an article about blogging that you'd like to link up?"

I'm only able to answer the first 2 questions as I do not visit sites with blogging tips, nor have I written an article about blogging.
Yes, I've come across blogs that offer tips, but do not visit them regularly.

The best advice I can give about blogging is to continue to learn and be teachable in blogging. Meaning as in most things in life---blogging evolves and grows, and the blogger must be willing to stretch their creativity, and be willing to make changes if need be. Read other blogs, pay attention to their lay-out, social abilities and ideas, content, and writing style. A blog should reflect the person who created it and maintains it, it should not be a replica of someone else's blog. And finally, blogging requires time. A blog does not sprout over night, it takes time, effort, patience, and endurance.


Pamela said…
Oh, the time issue. Who knew blogging would take so much time! I started blogging almost every day, then three times a week. Most weeks now it's about once a week. Getting projects and pictures together take a lot longer than actual writing.

I love the thought of reading Hebrews in 12 different translations. I'll join you in that!