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My First Book Signing Event, Tosca Lee and Ted Dekker

Last night I went to my first book signing event, hosted at Mardel's Christian book store in Arlington, Texas.
Tosca Lee and Ted Dekker were signing books for their Book of Mortals Book Series.
My granddaughter and I arrived early---about 4:30 P.M., within 30 minutes we were in line for the event. We stood in line for over an hour until the event began at 6:15 P.M. I was happy to say I was near the front of the line. While waiting I visited with a lady next to me who was a first grade teacher at an Arlington elementary school and a fan of Ted Dekker's.  I appreciated the Mardel's book store employee that allowed 1 person or group at a time to approach the book signing table, as well as she took a photograph for those needing help with this. To my knowledge everything went smoothly.
As an additional bonus, I noticed a sweet faced lady a bit behind me in-line, a fellow blogger named Lena Nelson Dooley. I recognized her face from her blog photo and Facebook photo and I gingerly approached her not wanting to be to bold, because there was always the chance I was wrong.
Lena is the author of the blog A Christian Writer's World Characters Who Grip Your Heart.
She is also an author of several Christian fiction books, she states on her blog she has "675,000 books in print." Lena is also the president of a local chapter of DFW Ready Writers.
Thank you Lena for being so gracious!

The two books that Tosca Lee and Ted Dekker are promoting on their book tour are:
Forbidden, The Book of Mortals Series #1
Mortal, The Book of Mortals Series #2

Below are photographs from the book signing, taken with my camera. 
Tosca Lee and Ted Dekker.
Tosca Lee, me, Ted Dekker.