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One Question Friday, From Thoughts That Move, June 8, 2012

This Fridays question:
Would you rather----"end each day reading a novel that is sure to give you freaky dreams?
Start each day reading a novel with yawn inspiring prose and lacking big time in the plot department?"

If given full reign to make a choice I would choose neither. But, since I should choose 1 question I would lean towards the later.
I have a big and active imagination and I can fill-in and create "my own" story from one that I felt was boring. I can take what little is given and morph the story in to one I do love and enjoy. Actually that's the easy part, creating and concocting my own story. It's also more fun!


Ohhh, fun way to answer this (and thanks for this shout out).

I'm currently reading a scary book before bed. It's how the question was born. ;-)

Happy Friday.
~ Wendy