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Friendship Friday July 6, 2012

This Fridays question is:
"Which of life's little pleasures are you most enjoying this summer?"

The best treasure about summer is keeping my grandchildren. They are out of school and I'm able to keep them during the week, not just see them on weekends. Children grow-up so fast, and I'm thankful to make as many good memories with them as possible.
We go to the library, Barnes and Nobles, Mardel's Christian bookstore, Church, other shopping, the movie theater. We play card games like Old Maid and Go Fish. I buy their favorite foods. We stay up late and sleep-in a little later. Bake cookies and then eat all of them. I tell them stories of when I was a little girl, which to them is a really long time ago! The summer will be over with all too soon and back to the daily chore of school. I'm hoping for only good memories for them to cherish, until next summer.