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Book Review: Mortal, The Books of Mortals by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

It's been nine years since the time period of the first book in this series, Forbidden. In the first book Forbidden, Rom Sebastian was a young man in his twenties who'd obtained a vial of serum that worked as a anti-toxin, to a virus that had wiped out all human emotion except fear. This virus had affected humanity nearly 500 years before. A selected group of people had guarded this vial, now it was Rom's turn. Jonathon "was born to a ruling family with true life running through his veins." At the age of eighteen he is to become the supreme ruler.
Saric and his half sister Feyn are a strange brother/sister relationship. They are head of the current supreme ruling family. Although Feyn who was to be crowned in book one, has been in a form called stasis for nine years. During her stasis Saric has become more evil. He is the definition of all that defines violence and hatred and heinous acts of evil.

Book two Mortal picks-up nine years later where Forbidden ended. …

Working Through the Aftermath

In the previous post I reviewed the book Aftermath, Growing in Grace Through Grief by Margaret McSweeney

I'd stated in the review I would be writing at least one post answering some of the questions in the book on working through grief.
Most of the chapters in the book have questions that give the reader a chance to work-out their own grieving process.
I felt this was a great opportunity to work through my own grief over my mother's death, as well as the chance to encourage and help others.
I'm a strong believer that after we persevere the storms in life and we are on the other side, we should be available to help others that are going through similar storms. When we share with others about our own similar situation the other person listens more attentively and more respectfully, because they know we understand. No longer does the other person feel like an island all to themselves in their heartache, but another human who has been through the same thing is saying I've…

Book Review: Aftermath, Growing in Grace Through Grief by Margaret McSweeney

Grief is a subject that is difficult to write about. One reason is that it's a sad subject. Second, some readers could become offended or turned off by it's content. Only a person who has been there, who understands, could write on this subject and bring comforting words of wisdom. Margaret McSweeney is familiar with the depths of grief after loosing three family members. She also watched her mother navigate the journey of grief. Margaret has written a much-needed book, because all of us at some point will deal with grief. Margaret shares her story, as well as her mother's story with included writings from her published book and journals. Margaret's mother wrote poetry after the death of her husband, and her poems (included in book) speak from the anguish of her heart. The words of the poems resonate with shock, betrayal, anger, sadness, and acceptance. Margaret includes the stages of grief, compassionate advice to the griever, as well as advice for others who are wit…

Book Review: Forbidden, Book One in The Books of Mortals by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

The inside cover of the book, as well as several book reviews I've read, all describe this book as a post Apocalyptic type book. I would include dystopia, fantasy fiction, science fiction, and allegory.
Humans on earth have been genetically engineered to only feel one emotion, fear. As a result the human race lives rather like a bland, hyper-decaffeinated, Stepford Wives kind of existence. 
Rom age 24 is an only child who's father has already died. He and his mother live together. On a very eventful day Rom comes in to the possession of a vial of blood. This vial of blood has been guarded by a select few people who would surrender their lives to hold it safe. A chain of events brings Rom in to a different life, one he never thought was possible.
This is a difficult book to review in my opinion. It is layers and layers of mystery, intrigue, and plot development. If I'm not careful I could give too much away.

What I like about the story. 

Rom is the anti-hero. The charac…

Next for Review

The next two books for review are:

Book Review: The Ways of God, How God Reveals Himself Before a Watching World by Henry T. Blackaby and Roy T. Edgemon

The first Bible study I took part in was Experiencing God........way back in the mid 1990's. Our entire Church took part in this study. At that time our pastor was Dr. David Crosby (now the pastor of First Baptist Church New Orleans.) This study awakened in me a desire to read and study God's Word. Although I'd been a Christian for many years and I would "most of the time" read my Sunday morning lesson, I was not a daily reader or a studier of God's Word. Experiencing God led me to take part in other studies, including ten years in Bible Study Fellowship.

The opening sentence in the introduction is, "God's ways are different from our ways!"
We will be reminded of this throughout the book. I believe this is to get our mind in the right gear, the right frame of mind perse, to understand that God does not operate like humans. God is God. He is the Creator, Sustainer, Savior, Lord, and He is Sovereign. God reigns whether people on earth agree with …

Book Review: Wind River by Tom Morrisey

When Tyler Perkins also known as Ty was a boy, his best memories were of fishing and spending time with Soren Andeman. Soren and his wife Edda are an older couple that bonded with Ty. Ty and Soren's favorite fishing spot was in Wind River Range, Wyoming.
Sixteen years later in 2008, Tyler is a combat Veteran of the current war in Iraq. He is currently living in Virginia with his wife Angie. He has been discharged from the Marine's. He is working for UPS. He is struggling with P.T.S.D.---Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Angie encourages Ty to travel to Wyoming and spend time with Soren. Maybe this trip will be a way for Ty to talk about what happened in Iraq. Ty and Soren can fish again, one more time of bonding.
Although for both of them it will be an experience more than they planned for.

I have had this book for a few years in my to be read pile. I was happy to be able to finally get caught up enough during this summer to read Wind River.

The negatives:
I am the mother of…

Question of the Week---Moving Thoughts Friday

Wendy Paine Miller is the author of this blog and Question of the Week, link to post:

"If you could say one thing to yourself and believe it assuredly, starting today and everyday in the future, what would you say?"

I would say, Annette you can do anything you set your mind and heart to do.

I fight (what I call) ugly thinking in my head, "what if I don't measure up?" "What if I fail?"
I try and reason with the ugly thinking, "who's measuring rod are you using?" and "so what if you do fail, at least you tried."
Sometimes I go round and round. Never actually doing anything beyond the infraction in my head.
Recently I re-read the book The Search For Significance by Robert S. McGee. This book was widely read in the early 1990's. The first part of the book is reading, the later half is questions for individual and small group discussion.

An example from the…

Book Review: Before the Scarlet Dawn, The Daughter's of the Potomac Book One by Rita Gerlach

Before I begin this review I must tell you I became involved in this epic story. I've read many fiction books, but it is rare for me to become entangled in one. I began reading this book on Tuesday afternoon, 336 pages later I finished at two o'clock in the afternoon on Wednesday. I could not put this book down until I'd read the last sentence. Of course now I have to wait until October to find out how my beloved characters will proceed in their tale.

Eliza Bloome age twenty-one is the daughter of Vicar Matthias Bloome. They live in Darbyshire, England. The time period is 1775. Matthias is ill and expected to not live long. Eliza's only sibling Stephen is far-away at Fort Erie, New York. Their mother died when Eliza was young. A Mr. Langbourne wishes to marry Eliza, promising her wealth and a lifestyle of ease. Eliza considers this proposal because she wonders what will become of her after her father's death. Hayward Morgan is a handsome and proud man. He is indep…