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Book Review: Forbidden, Book One in The Books of Mortals by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

The inside cover of the book, as well as several book reviews I've read, all describe this book as a post Apocalyptic type book. I would include dystopia, fantasy fiction, science fiction, and allegory.
Humans on earth have been genetically engineered to only feel one emotion, fear. As a result the human race lives rather like a bland, hyper-decaffeinated, Stepford Wives kind of existence. 
Rom age 24 is an only child who's father has already died. He and his mother live together. On a very eventful day Rom comes in to the possession of a vial of blood. This vial of blood has been guarded by a select few people who would surrender their lives to hold it safe. A chain of events brings Rom in to a different life, one he never thought was possible.
This is a difficult book to review in my opinion. It is layers and layers of mystery, intrigue, and plot development. If I'm not careful I could give too much away.

What I like about the story. 

  • Rom is the anti-hero. The character in the wrong place (or maybe right place) at the exact moment when he met his destiny. He is not a sword, karate fighting, weight-lifting type-hero. Rather he is a person of fortitude. He is a thinker, and he is teachable. These traits will lead him to wisdom.
  • The book is a fast pace, it is tense and suspenseful--- it held my attention.
  • The creativity and or imagination is unlike any other book I've read (this is a good thing.) 
  • It is a story that even after I read it I was still thinking about it, trying to articulate exactly how I felt about the story. I'm not usually at a loss for words. This story made me think about what if, what is the meaning behind the story, what are these unusual elements contriving?
  • The evil villains made me squirm with anxiety and apprehension. The good characters made me squirm with anxiety about their fate. 
  • I had no idea while I was reading this story how it would conclude, or rather lead into book two------ Mortal.

What I disliked about this story.

  • I wanted to become more involved with or apart of the story, or in at least one character. Although I had anxiety about their fate, I did not feel wrapped up in any actual character. I was more worried about the act of destruction or violence that might happen to them, rather than whether or not they continued on in the story.

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Published by Center Street, a division of Hatchette September 2011
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384 pages

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I paid $24.99 for my copy back in June @ Mardel's!