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Book Review: The Ways of God, How God Reveals Himself Before a Watching World by Henry T. Blackaby and Roy T. Edgemon

The first Bible study I took part in was Experiencing God........way back in the mid 1990's. Our entire Church took part in this study. At that time our pastor was Dr. David Crosby (now the pastor of First Baptist Church New Orleans.) This study awakened in me a desire to read and study God's Word. Although I'd been a Christian for many years and I would "most of the time" read my Sunday morning lesson, I was not a daily reader or a studier of God's Word. Experiencing God led me to take part in other studies, including ten years in Bible Study Fellowship. 

The opening sentence in the introduction is, "God's ways are different from our ways!"
We will be reminded of this throughout the book. I believe this is to get our mind in the right gear, the right frame of mind perse, to understand that God does not operate like humans. God is God. He is the Creator, Sustainer, Savior, Lord, and He is Sovereign. God reigns whether people on earth agree with Him, or believe in Him. God is still Sovereign.
We are told that throughout the Bible we, "will find that whenever God moves, it is not like anything you or I would have chosen to do. And yet, time and again, God chooses to work through His people to accomplish His purposes."
  • Isn't it radically amazing that God chooses to, "work through His people to accomplish His purposes?" 
"God deliberately chooses not to use the ways of the world so that the world will know the difference that He makes. However, we are sometimes caught up in the ways of the world......God's goal is first to reveal Himself to the world so they will know Him and be drawn to Him-not simply to accomplish a task."
This last quoted paragraph is the purpose and theme of the book.
The audience is all Christians, no matter the spiritual growth.
The material is arranged simply, methodically. In the first chapter there is further teaching on, "God's Ways Are Not Our Ways. The next five chapters are on, What Are the Ways of God, for example: The Ways of God are Holy, The Ways of God Are Sovereign.
Henry T. Blackaby and Roy T. Edgemon are some of the most humble teachers and writers I know. When a statement is made by them such as, "do not presume upon God." It is made with frankness and humility; but it is accepted by the reader.
I'm reminded of Proverbs 25:11
"Like apples of gold in settings of silver
Is a word spoken in right circumstances." NASB
  • The right words are fitting and accepted even in rebuke. 
There were several points in the book that resonated in my mind and heart. They were just what I needed to hear! For example in chapter six we are encouraged to live out an "Eternal Perspective."
  • We are to not just talk about being a Christian, but we are to live it out everyday; because if we do not the image that we profess will become "blurred." 
At the end of each chapter is a "Think About-Pray About" section. There are four questions listed to help dig a bit more on what was taught in the chapter. There are some readers who may think these end of the chapter questions are redundant. I disagree.
1. Not everyone has the ability to create discussion questions.
2. We must understand what we've read or we've wasted a bit of our life in reading something we won't remember in a few seconds.
3. Teaching is just that, it is not just reading but further training that will affect us and mold us. This is especially true in our Spiritual growth.

Published 2000 by Broadman Holman
180 total pages---162 pages of reading. The later half of book is material for group discussion, and authors information.
Christian Living/Faith/Holy Life

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