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Book Review: Wind River by Tom Morrisey

When Tyler Perkins also known as Ty was a boy, his best memories were of fishing and spending time with Soren Andeman. Soren and his wife Edda are an older couple that bonded with Ty. Ty and Soren's favorite fishing spot was in Wind River Range, Wyoming.
Sixteen years later in 2008, Tyler is a combat Veteran of the current war in Iraq. He is currently living in Virginia with his wife Angie. He has been discharged from the Marine's. He is working for UPS. He is struggling with P.T.S.D.---Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Angie encourages Ty to travel to Wyoming and spend time with Soren. Maybe this trip will be a way for Ty to talk about what happened in Iraq. Ty and Soren can fish again, one more time of bonding.
Although for both of them it will be an experience more than they planned for.

I have had this book for a few years in my to be read pile. I was happy to be able to finally get caught up enough during this summer to read Wind River.

The negatives:
I am the mother of a combat Veteran of Iraq. I am also the daughter and granddaughter of combat Veterans. I feel that I have some investment in any story where a Veteran is concerned.
I also know what my son has gone through with P.T.S.D. I know what he encounters from the Veteran's Administration. I know what my daughter in-law has gone through. I know what my grandchildren have gone through.
1. I state the above because I was annoyed at the character Angie who is the wife of Ty. She asked a foolish question on page 53, "What happened to you over there?" To me this is both a foolish question and an inappropriate question. It comes across as being insensitive. What does she think happened? That they went camping, roasted marshmallows, and had hiking trips in the desert? Ty is patient with Angie. She wants him to talk to her, what she doesn't understand is he can't, because she does not need to know the graphic details that he has imprinted in his mind. They will need to learn to express themselves again, but it will never be like it was before. War changes people, both the Veteran and his family. The change is irrevocable. They will have to learn a new way, a new life.
2. Ty mentions to a friend that he's been to the V.A. or Veteran's Administration and all they did was give him sleeping pills. I would have liked it if this story had more dialogue about this very real problem in the V.A.  A prescription is easy to write to a Veteran, and it's often done without the physician even looking the Veteran in the eyes. The next time the Veteran sees a physician because the medication is not working, it's a different physician. It's a circus.
3. I felt at times as if the author was holding back. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but I felt he was holding back.

This is the first book I've read by Tom Morrisey and I have nothing to compare his book to. This story is not the average Christian Fiction book. In a field of dainty female type inspirational romance fiction books, Wind River would not appeal to some women, but it would appeal to male readers. 

The positives.
1. A dramatic turn in the relationship between Ty and Soren. Their fishing trip for "ole times sake" becomes a catalyst for both men.
2. I loved the dramatic detour in the story, because a second plot had developed. We are shown a further understanding in the men, something more that they could relate to.
3. I loved the well-spun story of two men in the beautiful wilderness of Wyoming. I could almost hear the wind moving through the trees, hear the roar of the river.
4. There are a few meaningful quotes that I pondered over. One in particular that makes the reader lean in a bit closer as if this story is being told by the fireside, and a significant part is about to be told.
"This here ain't your hot cocoa sort of story." -----I love that quote!

Published in 2008 by Bethany House
302 pages
Fiction/Iraq War/Marine/Operation Enduring Freedom/P.T.S.D/Wyoming

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