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Book Review: The Reluctant Prophet, The Reluctant Prophet Series Book One by Nancy Rue

The Reluctant Prophet is book one in The Reluctant Prophet series.
Book two is Unexpected Dismounts, was published October 2011.
Book three is Too Far to Say Far Enough, release date October 2012.
I studied the reviews on Amazon, Christian Book, and Barnes and Nobles, and all three sites gave the book five or nearly five stars. 
The Reluctant Prophet won best in Contemporary Series at the
Christy Awards in 2011.

Allison Chamberlain age 42 is a new Christian, unmarried, and an independent minded woman living in St. Augustine, Florida. She works for a tourist company---Camelot Carriage Service. She attends a non-denominational church. She has few friends she associates with. During a Sunday morning worship service, and while she's comparing herself and checking out the other members in the church, and wondering "what's going on with her own life?" She feels a nudge, and hears a voice in her head telling her to, "Go out and buy a Harley."
She is shocked, her …

Book Review: The Moment Between by Nicole Baart

Abigail Bennett is 29, an accountant, living in sunny humid southern Florida. Abigail is originally from a small town in Minnesota. After high school she couldn't wait to escape from the hostile atmosphere of home life. Abigail's younger sister is Hailey. Hailey five years younger, is a vibrant blonde beauty. Hailey has a dark side, an emotionally volatile polar personality. Their father copes by ignoring. Their mother copes by trying to fix. Abigail copes by trying to be the "good girl." Hailey just tries to make it another moment.

Positive Points:
A rarity for a fiction book in Christian publishing to tackle mental illness. I'm proud of Tyndale. Mental illness is shown not by using medical terms, but in an intimate portrayal of its affects on a family, both the person who is ill and the various family members, as well as other relationships. Long-term results of not dealing with, or grieving for, a person with a mental illness. The importance of letting go, an…

New Fiction Release from Rita Gerlach

Rita Gerlach author of historical fiction specifically writing books with the historical background of early American history has two sites:
Inspire-Writer and a blog entitled from her name Rita Gerlach.
Her newest release is the second in the series The Daughters of the Potomac. Publisher is Abingdon.
From the banks of the Potomac to the misty moors of England, comes a tale of love won and love lost, and the faith to find it again. 

Vaguely can Darcy Morgan recall the day her father returned home from fighting in the American Revolution.When he discovers his unfaithful wife had borne a child in his absence, the marriage is broken, and Darcy’s quiet childhood along the two rivers was changed forever. 
She grows up believing her mother dead and that her father journeyed west to the lands beyond the Blue Ridge. Her indulging Uncle Will, excitable Aunt Mari, and her five female cousins, cannot shield her from thinking of the mother she loved and the father she barely knew, nor can she escap…


What I've found this week that you may be interested in! Collection of blogs I've found, articles to read, recently released or future non-fiction book releases.

In response to the Gospel of Jesus found with reference to Jesus having a wife. From Justin Taylor's----
Between Two Worlds.
Included is "a six page analysis of findings".

Also from Between Two Worlds, 9 Reasons We Need The Gospels.

Patheos has several articles on "the wife of Jesus" controversy. I've listed two of them.
The Gnostic Noise Machine and the "Wife" of Jesus, from God and the Machine.
More from Francis Watson on "Jesus Wife" Fragment, from God and the Machine.

From CBN,  Most Christians Don't Read The Bible.

Rachel Held Evans is considered one of the top Christian blogs that is authored by a woman.

Do You Believe In Ghosts? The Christian View Of The Paranormal by C. Michael Patton from Credo House Ministries. Article from 2009.

From the Ink Slinger, The Ex…

Book Review: Everyday Matters Bible For Women, New Living Translation Published by Hendrickson Publishers

Everyday Matters Bible For Women is a Bible that engages and meets women just where they are. Whether they have a career outside the home, active in volunteering, a stay at home mom, homemaker, or caregiver to a aging parent. Everyday Matters Bible For Women can help a woman maintain an everyday Bible reading time. The Bible is in the New Living Translation which is an easy to read and understand translation. The additional features include---Twenty-four spiritual disciplines or practices, and four types of articles---Everyday Matters, Everyday Profiles, Everyday Reflections, Everyday Q&A.
Contributing authors for the additional material are:
Denise George,
Jill Briscoe,
Nancy Guthrie,
Ruth Bell Graham,
Philip Yancey,
Priscilla Shirer,
and Sheila Walsh.
A further reading section is included at the end of Bible.

Positive Points:
Everyday Matters Bible For Women I feel is a well-thought and executed plan for encouraging women to read the Bible daily. Sometimes a study Bible can be t…

Book Review: The Deliverer, Freedom Series #3 by Kathi Macias

The Deliverer is Book #3 in the Freedom Series. Book #1 Deliver Me from Evil, Book #2 Special Delivery.
By clicking on the above book titles it will then take you to my reviews of those books.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for posting the author’s interview and/or book review on my blog. This blog tour is managed by Christian Speakers Services (

Mara had been sold as a young girl into the sex-trade industry. She was born in Mexico, but had spent the past several years in the San Diego area. Mara is currently a waitress, hoping to begin college soon. She is working through the emotional and spiritual trauma she suffered as a result of ten years of captivity. She has a small group of people who pray for her and encourage her.

Jonathan and his sister Leah are in college. They are a source of encouragement for Mara.
Jonathan is a young man with a serious nature,he wants to be God's servant, he wan…

Book Review: Undaunted by Josh McDowell with Cristobel Krusen

"For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek." Romans 1:16 NASB
On a farm outside Union City, Michigan during the summer of 1939, Jos McDowell was born. He had three older siblings, two of them much older than he was. His father was an abusive alcoholic. His mother suffered under the weight of her own physical restraint, and her husbands tyranny and abuse. Family life was a swarm of dysfunction. As Jos grew into young adulthood he hid behind a mask of bravado in order to hide the scars from his past. What fragment of faith in God he had as a child, diminished quickly as a teenager. By the time he was in the Air Force and then college he was an agnostic. The careful planting of an idea by a Christian acquaintance led Josh to spend a summer in Europe seeking to discredit the Gospel of Jesus. Their were three intelligent, educated, wise, godly men that Josh spoke with during his su…