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Article Two: Your Hearts Desire by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Sheri Rose Shepherd and Tyndale Publishers have given me permission to post the following article.
Thank you to Sheri Rose Shepherd and Tyndale!

You Don't Need a Man to Push the "Play Button"
for Your Life to Begin!

An Article for Singles
By Sheri Rose Shepherd
Bestselling Author and Bible Life Coach

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I have been married twenty-five years, and my husband and I joke that it has been seven of the best years of our lives. Why is it that we spend so much time searching for someone to share life with, and so many times the dream of wanting and wondering becomes better than the reality of the man or the marriage?

I believe when a man walks down the aisle and says "I do," his every hope and intention is that his marriage will be for life. He sincerely desires to understand and take care of the beloved bride he has chosen. He romanced her and worked hard to express his love so she would want to spend the rest of her life with him. He was determined to …

Article One: Your Hearts Desire by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Author Sheri Rose Shepherd and Tyndale Publishers have given me the opportunity to post a few chapters from her book Your Hearts Desire. 
I've been given permission to post the entire article, not just the link. In the future days I'll post a few more articles from the book.
Below is Article One from Your Hearts Desire.
Thank you Sheri Rose Shepherd and Tyndale Publishers!

Desiring a "Happily Ever After"
Fighting the Temptation to Give Up on Love and Marriage
By Sheri Rose Shepherd
Bestselling Author and Bible Life Coach

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I don't know where you stand today with the man you love or loved—or if you are single, divorced, separated, or widowed. I can tell you, though, that if you've been hurt, you can be sure Your heavenly Father knows how hard it is to love and forgive the one who caused you pain. Yet regardless of the relational devastation you face, no one can keep you from finishing strong for God's glory!

I was raised in a non-Christian home…

Review: To Whisper Her Name, A Belle Meade Plantation Novel by Tamera Alexander

This is the 1st book for me to review for an Austin, Texas PR group named PR By The Book.
Thank you to PR By The Book and Zondervan for my free review copy in exchange for an honest review.

After the Civil War ended the people of the south were bitter. Their bitterness smoldered on for generations.
I know this because of my own ancestry. My dad who was born in 1922 had a grandfather named John Cooksey that was born just after the Civil War. John Cooksey's father was E.M. Cooksey who fought in the 8th and 36th Infantry in Mississippi. After the war they came to central Texas and made a fresh start. A story has been passed down through the generations that when the Carpetbagger's came to their area of Texas, these men would "disappear". We can put 2 and 2 together and assume the Carpetbagger's were killed.

When To Whisper Her Name begins Olivia Aberdeen is the ostracized widow of Charles Winthrop Aberdeen. Mr. Aberdeen was a hated carpetbagger, he swindled and st…

Gender Roles in the Church

Rachel Held Evans book is stirring the pot (so to speak) in the Christian media. Strong opinions have been expressed on both sides of the issue. Criticism of the book has created dialogue as well as heated debate about women's roles in the Church, specifically women holding positions of authority over men. 
Rachel is a popular blogger, she has many friends and fans that are swelling with pride over her choice of subject, research, and book.
I'm new to knowing Rachel, I just began following her blog in the past month. I don't consider myself a fan, but I do respect her opinions. 
I've decided to do a bit of research on this topic.
I've asked a few key people about their feelings on the subject of women's roles in the Church.
I interviewed my nearly 90 year old dad who had been involved as a deacon and teacher in Southern Baptist Churches since the 1940's.
I interviewed a close female friend who is involved in her Southern Baptist Church, as well as the Ba…

Book Review: River Rising by Athol Dickson

When I think of the Mississippi River I think about mosquitoes, nutria rats, snakes, alligators, and high humidity and heat. I cannot imagine working there: whether aboard a boat, or in the river itself. In our era we can escape to our air-conditioned offices and homes, but in 1927 this was not an option.
River Rising is a story with the setting of Pilot Point, Louisiana. Pilot Point is an isolated town, accessible only by boat, near the swampy Mississippi river. The time period is 1927. Although prejudice and Jim Crow laws are strong in the southern states, Pilot Point appears to be an oasis.
Reverend Hale Poser a black man with pale eyes is noticed immediately by Pilot Point citizens as a newby in town. Poser has a mysterious air about him, people can't quite put their finger on it, but he's different. Some respond by being unfriendly because they don't trust him (or fear him), others find themselves drawn to him. 
Wealthy Papa DeGroot has been an amiable citizen, he&#…

Book Review: Alone and Alive by Janet Boyanton

My own mother at the age of 31 became a widow with 3 small children. What my mother went through in her painful experience affected me as well. Even though I was the child of her second marriage, I have a tender heart when it comes to young widows. When I was asked to review Alone and Alive I gladly accepted.

The author Janet Boyanton became a widow after her husband died suddenly during a camping trip with their young son. Janet is an attorney, and had the knowledge needed to make the necessary arrangements for the funeral, and to probate her late husbands will. Yet, it was difficult to see through the fog of grief in order to carry out this necessary business.
Janet decided a practical guide needed to be written for women who would also be faced with the death of a spouse.

At the beginning of each chapter Janet in brief shares from her own life.
Each of the chapters are short, practical, clear.
One of the most favored aspects of this book is the wise advice from her own experience,…

Book Review: Relentless Pursuit, God's Love of Outsiders Including The Outsider in All of Us by Ken Gire

In the prologue Ken Gire makes a statement that speaks clearly to all of us. It is also the theme of the book, Relentless Pursuit. 

"This book is about the heart of God and the lengths to which his heart goes to find ours, to bundle it up in his arms and to carry it home. It is written from the perspective of the lost sheep. As such, it's not a book for the ninety-nine who are safe as much as for the one who is not."

We've all at some time in our life been an outsider, a lost sheep. For whatever reason we've wandered away, or been pushed out, or pushed to the side. We are bruised, lonely, sad. We are in need of a tender Shepherd who will take us back into the fold. 
There is a story that Ken Gire reflects on about a man named Francis Thompson who lived in England during the 1800's. Francis Thompson wrote a poem entitled, "The Hound of Heaven." Thompson had become addicted to opium and his life was one of despair. It was from the emotional trench o…

Book Review: Special Intentions: Remembering Others in Personal Prayer by Claire Coleman

In case you haven't noticed we are a society that is too busy. Our modern era--specifically technology may at first sight have made life simpler and faster, but it's robbed us of time better spent. When was the last time while in your car and stopped at a red light you looked over to the occupants in the car next to you and prayed for them? Have you considered that in your rush to get somewhere, or to cross off that next thing on your list, you have forgotten to think of "the least of these".
This is the most important element that stands out to me in Special Intentions. The author Claire Coleman through her testimony and through her example of prayers, has taught and redirected me away from myself, and towards others I might not have thought of. For example a prayer for the emergency responders, for caregivers, for those that are "bullied", the "morning people", for those who have lost a beloved pet, "parents of a bipolar child", pare…

Book Review: A Path Less Traveled, A Miller's Creek Novel by Cathy Bryant

It has been some time back that I won this book through Cathy Bryant. I want to thank her for this book, and declare I received this book for free. It was my choice to read and review it.

Trish James and her young son Little Bo live in the small Texas town of Miller's Creek. Trish has strong ties to this community. Her family and friends are supportive of her and Little Bo's new life after Doc's sudden death. Trish has a business that she hopes will thrive in this area. Her Austin, Texas friend encourages her to relocate there, enticing her with the promise her business will thrive with the "right" people. Trish is unsure what to do. Above all else Little Bo's welfare is most important. Andy Tyler is an attorney in Dallas, but recently made the decision to move his practice to Miller's Creek. Andy is smitten with Trish, but Trish back-peddles not wanting to begin anew.

I loved Trish James character. She is resilient, strong-willed, stubborn, loyal, feis…

31 Days of Prayer at Critty Joy Blog

I recently took part in a creative writing project over @ Critty Joy.
Link for my article:
Critty Joy is hosting a 31 days of Prayer in October.

Working Through the Aftermath

In my previous post (which was directed more at looking back on my life, specifically in reference to my mother's illness with Alzheimer's). This post will be in looking forward. There were several questions left in the book I thought of addressing, but I believe the most important questions left in the book are on legacy.

"What legacy did my loved one leave?"
"What can I do to honor his/her legacy?"
"What do I want to leave as my legacy?"

When I was a young person the thought of a legacy seemed far away, remote, something elderly people leave when they have a will. Yet, as I've grown older and a bit wiser, I've learned that legacy is much more. In my opinion a legacy is how people will remember me, what mark I've left in other people, have I made a difference? Most importantly legacy is how I've lived out my life, specifically my walk with Jesus.

Once upon a time I was a careful if not passive observer of people. I studied peopl…