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Book Review: A Path Less Traveled, A Miller's Creek Novel by Cathy Bryant

It has been some time back that I won this book through Cathy Bryant. I want to thank her for this book, and declare I received this book for free. It was my choice to read and review it.

Trish James and her young son Little Bo live in the small Texas town of Miller's Creek. Trish has strong ties to this community. Her family and friends are supportive of her and Little Bo's new life after Doc's sudden death. Trish has a business that she hopes will thrive in this area. Her Austin, Texas friend encourages her to relocate there, enticing her with the promise her business will thrive with the "right" people. Trish is unsure what to do. Above all else Little Bo's welfare is most important. Andy Tyler is an attorney in Dallas, but recently made the decision to move his practice to Miller's Creek. Andy is smitten with Trish, but Trish back-peddles not wanting to begin anew.

I loved Trish James character. She is resilient, strong-willed, stubborn, loyal, feisty, hard-working, and independent. She tries desperately to make it each day both in her career and in her family life. She struggles with everyday matters that we all struggle with, but compound this with becoming a widow. She is a picture of a character that has lived through a tragic loss, and is struggling to find her place again in this world without her helpmate. I see her heartache, disappointment in other's and in herself, her mistakes and facing those mistakes with honesty and humility. I also saw her fears in making life-impacting-decisions.

There were several points from this story that stood out to me.
  • Whom to talk to or vent after the death of a loved one. Trish struggled with who was the "right" person for her to talk to about her fears and troubles. Who could she trust? 
  • Trish didn't want anyone to feel sorry for her, she didn't want needless attention. Yet, she had a strong community that loved her and wanted to help, she needed to relax and let them. 
  • Trish had financial problems. She did not know who to ask for advice. Her pride prevented her from sharing with family or friends. Yet, she knew she needed to confide in and seek out advice from someone. 
  • Haunting memories of her late husband. She pondered what ifs, she replayed what had happened and tried to analyze it as if she could understand it better.
  • Gossip of any kind is both pitiful and cruel. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln. 
I enjoyed reading this story and feel it would be helpful to other women going through the same kind of life-change.

Published by Word Vessel Press 2010
312 pages
Christian Fiction

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Cathy Bryant