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Book Review: Special Intentions: Remembering Others in Personal Prayer by Claire Coleman

In case you haven't noticed we are a society that is too busy. Our modern era--specifically technology may at first sight have made life simpler and faster, but it's robbed us of time better spent. When was the last time while in your car and stopped at a red light you looked over to the occupants in the car next to you and prayed for them? Have you considered that in your rush to get somewhere, or to cross off that next thing on your list, you have forgotten to think of "the least of these".
This is the most important element that stands out to me in Special Intentions. The author Claire Coleman through her testimony and through her example of prayers, has taught and redirected me away from myself, and towards others I might not have thought of. For example a prayer for the emergency responders, for caregivers, for those that are "bullied", the "morning people", for those who have lost a beloved pet, "parents of a bipolar child", parents of a child who is undergoing chemotherapy, and for those in prison.

In the introduction the author gave her testimony on prayer. I was impacted and encouraged to take prayer more seriously in the arena of those people I'd not considered before.

"The concept behind Special Intentions is simple, say one prayer every day, for someone other than yourself." 
"It's a book of reminders to continue your sense of caring for others into the realm of prayer."

I love this book! 
I know of no other book on prayer that has prayers specifically for these individual groups that Claire Coleman has included. I've seen prayer books on subjects, for example: depression, illness, grieving, and empty nest. I've seen books thats focus is on praise, or Scripture. I've not seen until now, in Special Intentions, a prayer book on individuals whom we often take for granted, for example the people who pour our coffee in a restaurant, or the farmer who grows the crops that we eat from.    
This is a book that will sit next to my Bible and prayer journal and I plan to utilize daily.

Thank you to Claire Coleman and WestBow Press for my free review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Special Intentions

Published by WestBow Press 2011
WestBow Press is a division of Thomas Nelson
244 pages
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mybibleplan said…
I think the things that we put on our list to do daily are instigated by satan himself to keep us from the really important things. I am working through this very thing right now. I am clearing my plate and getting back to what really matters, prayer and my time with God.