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Happy Thanksgiving!

Uncle Melvyn and Aunt Beverly early 1970's.
I've had events happen lately in my family that "could" sadden this happy holiday of thankfulness.
My brother is in jail. He may be in jail for an extended period of time.
My beloved uncle Melvyn died, and of the same disease and in the same manner my mother died.
My uncle's wife Beverly broke her left hip and left arm 1 week after my uncle died.
Maybe you can relate to facing a holiday with anxiety and apprehension because you know you should be thankful on this Thanksgiving Day.
This morning I was looking through my notebook that I collect quotes and poems in to utilize for this occasion. I came across a quote from Charles Dickens.
"Reflect on your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some."
On Facebook I've noticed since the 1st of November people listing each day something they can be thankful for. Some of these things are minor, such as being thankful for chocolate. Some are of greater importance.
On this 22nd of November I will list 22 things I am thankful for, this will fill up my mind and heart and spirit with the focus of praise and not a pity party.
  1. Jesus who loves me just as I am, pity party and all. He gave His life for me. There is nothing I can say or do to save myself. He paid the price by giving his life in atonement for my sin. I am saved completely and fully by His grace. 
  2. A mother who taught me from her words and example to cook and bake. In order that today I can provide my family with a Thanksgiving meal. 
  3. My daddy at nearly 90 years of age is still with us, and still able to enjoy his life, and be a blessing to his family.
  4. A husband that helps in the kitchen. He asks me if I need help, even if it's just taking out the trash. He is thoughtful, patient, loving, kind, and wise. 
  5. A home we can call our own, a home that is not just a house that holds our material objects, but that is our precious peaceful home.
  6. Our home is paid for.
  7. Good health. I'm a breast cancer survivor (2005). At my last physical on October 22 I received my best report of check-up ever. All lab results and tests were perfect. I no longer need cholesterol medicine nor potassium medicine. My blood pressure medicine was cut in half.
  8. I've lost 26 pounds this year.
  9. My husband has a great job and he loves it. He tells me everyday is a good day at work!
  10. A Church home with a growing family of people I can declare is my Church family. 
  11. The ability to read, and comprehend what I read. 
  12. The income to buy food for this holiday. I can remember many holidays in my past where we had little money for the holiday meal, or money for gasoline in order to visit relatives who could feed us a holiday meal.
  13. Two precious grandchildren that I'm close to. 
  14. A daughter in-love that is more like a daughter.
  15. A son that is home and will never have to deploy again to a war. 
  16. Another son that still maintains his home with us. 
  17. A growing audience of readers on my blogs, as well as the friendships I've gained through other bloggers, publicists, publishers and authors.
  18. An inborn desire to write. I'm giving the Lord full reign in this endeavor. 
  19. God blessed my poor choices in life and used them for my good. 
  20. Greek olives. I'm crazy in love with them!
  21. A family that even though we may not think the same about politics, or religion, or culture, or we have personality conflicts----we love each other and we accept each other just as we are. 
  22. Lastly, I'm thankful that when the Thanksgiving blessing is said today I will remember that moment frozen in time, because next Thanksgiving there could be another absence at the table, another life no longer present on this earth. 
My maternal grandparents.


Becky said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Annette!
twiga92 said…
Happy Thanksgiving!
hopeinbrazil said…
Annette, this is a lovely, lovely list. Thanks for sharing it. I'm surprised I haven't stumbled upon your blog before now. From your profile I think we could be kindred spirits!