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Review: Unexpected Christmas Hero by Kathi Macias

Josie Meyers and her 2 young children: Jacob and Susanna are homeless. To be homeless is frightening. They have no home to sleep in at night, no home to feel protected in, no home to feel a sense of belonging to. There is shame involved in not having a place to live. Josie spends every moment worrying about where they will eat, where they will sleep, what if one of them becomes ill, whom can she trust, how will the children be able to attend school, will the weather turn cold or rainy or snow. Josie blames herself, she blames her late husband, and she ignores the One she once loved and worshiped. Rick an older man is a homeless Veteran. The Meyer's family met Rick in a shelter. He became their friend, and unknowingly to them, their prayer warrior.

I love this story!
Reading An Unexpected Christmas Hero opened my eyes to the plight of the homeless. It disturbed me to envision a single woman and small children without shelter and living on the streets without a safe place to live. There are cruel malevolent people in this world that would harm an unprotected woman and her children.
Homelessness is the outer-layer of Josie's story. Josie harbors unforgiveness, hurt, grief, bitterness, shame, guilt, abandonment, and insecurities. This story touched on issues that have affected all of us. We may never have been without a place to live, but we have dealt with insecurities, hurt, or unforgiveness.
This story through the character of Rick, demonstrates Christ's extravagant love. To look at Rick's outer appearance he's seen as a dirty, homeless, vagrant. His inner person is one of love and understanding and kindness.
While writing this review it dawned on me that Unexpected Christmas Hero is about seeing people through Christ Jesus' eyes. We must look past their outward appearance, we must put aside any judgment or misconception about a person, and instead see their wounded spirit and need for Christ's love. We must love them and display it with the Spirit of Christ who lives in us. 

Thank you to Kathi Macias, Christian Speaker Services, and New Hope Publishers for my free review copy in exchange for an honest review!

Published by New Hope Publishers October 1, 2012
240 pages
Fiction/Christmas Story/Homelessness/Poverty

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Kathi Macias is the author of several books, most of them I have reviewed on this blog. I have high regards for Kathi. Her books tackle topics such as sex-trafficking, racial prejudice, poverty, homelessness, religious freedom, mercy killings (Muslim culture), emigration, drug cartel, sanctity of human life, religious freedom, prison, and political instability. She does not shy away from strong and sometimes controversial issues. Instead she portrays "real" characters that are living through hard oppressive circumstances. She shows through her characters lives how they persevere in prayer and in depending on the "unseen" rather than the "seen" that causes fear. (see 2 Corinthians 4:16-18). These characters give us hope in their faithful dependence and steadfastness in the Lord, and not in the god of this world (Greek word for world is kosmos meaning, "This world is equated with this passing, evil age, which is opposed to God," from Mounce's Expository Dictionary).
Paperback $10.39
Kindle $2.99

Last Christmas season 2011 a first Christmas story was written by Kathi Macias:
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