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12 Pearls of Christmas | Day 12 - Does it Even Matter? by Tracey Eyster

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Does It Even Matter?
By Tracey Eyster

Every day, day after day, for twenty years I have been immersed in the task of
mothering. No one told me before I was handed that swaddled bundle how all consuming
the role of motherhood was going to be, or how my heart would be
forever altered.
My heart is swollen from the love that has grown there. A deep love that’s
swelling has come at a cost.
The cost of daily dying to self as I choose to serve the needs of my children and
my husband—to grow a family with the end in mind.
Thankfully I was taught by those older and wiser than me that the building
of image bearing children requires intentionality and purpose by two loving,
connected parents who are willing to work together for God’s purposes.
Even when we don’t know the outcome or exact purpose God has in mind for our
children—our willingness to put in the hours and to be yielded to His direction is
our gift to the Father.
This Christmas I have had a new and odd wondering that I have been
contemplating, a question that has never before occurred to me.
Who built the manger?
Did he think the task was too menial?
Was he weary and tired from the task?
Did he want to build something more grand?
Did he dream of working in a way that would bring him glory and attention?
Did he wrestle with the assumption that what he was putting his time and effort
into was not for a grand purpose?
How could he know the plans God had for that little manger?
The Savior of the world was going to rest there and do great things.
Psst . . . Mom, do you see it?
The Savior of the world has the potential to rest within that which you are
building . . . to do great things.
Take care to put your time, talents, and energy into building well.
Tracey Eyster is the happily-in-love wife of Bill and the fun-filled mom of two
teens, and she is devoted to her family and is happiest when making memories
with them. In 2008 she took her passion for speaking into the lives of moms
and created the ministry of MomLife Today. She is passionate about momlife
and is amazed at God’s blessing of allowing her first book Be The Mom to
come to fruition. She enjoys connecting with moms through her personal blog
at, and on Facebook or Twitter @MomBlog

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