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12 Pearls of Christmas | Day 8 - Quieted in His Presence by Cara Putman

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Quieted in His Presence
By Cara Putman
It's the week after Thanksgiving. We're racing toward Christmas. Even with
Thanksgiving occurring a week early, it feels like a race. When did we decide this
organized (or not so organized) chaos was restful, relaxing, conducive to a joyful
When did the joy of gifting something to one we love become replaced by the
pressure to find the perfect gift? When did the amount of the gift matter more than
spirit it is gifted in? At times like these I need a reason to remember that God can
calm my heart when I feel like I'm spilling in a bazillion different directions.
Grab a mug of tea or cup of coffee. I'll share my peppermint mocha creamer. It's
low-sugar. And let's sit together and soak in this truth.
The Lord is with us. With us. Emmanual. The God with us. Savor that. He's with
us. Not watching us. With us.
He is mighty to save. He doesn't barely save. He is mightily prepared to save.
He will take great delight in you. Think about a child. Yours or someone else's.
Think about the joy that child brings to his parents. That is a pale shadow of the
depth of delight God takes in you. Humbled? Thrilled? I am!
He quiets us with His love. He will, if we'll let Him. It is His will to quiet us with
love. Like a child who is content and secure in the knowledge of her parents' love.
That's how He wants us to rest. To be quiet. In His presence. At His feet.
He will rejoice over us with singing. Think of your favorite artist, group, chorus.
Think of how their voices resonate and harmonize. Remember how you are swept
away by the beauty of a voice raised in song. Then imagine God singing a special
song over you. Then consider that it's a song of rejoicing. Just because you are. A
song to you.
Now that you've quieted in His presence, are you ready to go back to preparations.
Ready to focus on Him? To find Him in the midst of the Christmas chaos?
Because He is the baby in the manager. He is the reason we celebrate. And He's
celebrating you!
Cara Putman is an author of fourteen novels and one nonfiction work—plus all
the characters and stories still begging to be told. Look for more in the future.
She is also a licensed attorney, contract lecturer at a Big Ten University, adjunct
faculty at a community college, and active in her church and community. She
lives with her family in Indiana.