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End of the Year Update and Looking Ahead at 2013

This time of the year I work on blog maintenance. I clean up my two blogs, and I plan goals for 2013. 
For now I'll be leaving the blog photograph and color theme.
I've moved all blog buttons, website links, etc. to its own page located on the top of this blog. 
In 2013 one of my goals is to keep the blog clean. I've noticed that the more buttons and advertisement that is on a blog the longer it takes for a page to load. This can cause some readers to grow impatient and move on. 

Operation Actually Read Bible (authored by Becky)  has a Perpetual Challenge and a 
Bible Reading Challenge in order to encourage reading through the Bible every year. In addition she has other goals to achieve in a year, for example choosing one book of the Bible to read several times, or reading commentaries on one book of the Bible. If you click on the given link you will be able to visit her post on this challenge and sign-up!
In 2011 I read Romans ten times in ten different translations. 
In 2012 I read Hebrews twelve times in twelve different translations. 
My goal for this challenge in 2013, which is in addition to reading through all of the Bible, 
is to read Revelation twelve times in twelve different translations. Revelation has twenty-two chapters. If I read one chapter a day, twenty-two days out of every month, it would still give several days left in a month to get caught up, or to read something else. 

I ordered a new study Bible through Amazon that will arrive Friday, 
NKJV MacArthur Study Bible. I'm anxious to begin reading through the Bible in this translation for 2013, as well as begin the challenge to read Revelation. The NKJV will be the first translation I read for Revelation.

I recently finished a Precept study of 2 Peter (at my church). Soon I'll begin a Precept study of Jude, I'll be working on this independently. In mid January I'll begin a Precept study of Gospel of John (at my church). 
After being in Bible Study Fellowship for over ten years, I did not take part in the Genesis study that is currently in progress. I may step back in to do the Revelation study scheduled to begin fall 2015. 

For three years I've maintained three blogs. I am no longer posting on A Garden of Books, which was my blog for children and young adult book reviews. I'll still continue to read and review these types of books, but no new postings on A Garden of Books. 

In 2012 I've had tremendous opportunities of growth both on my blog~~~
@ A Well-Watered Garden and @ Impressions In Ink~~~ through book reviewing, and through creative writing projects.
In the summer of 2012 I was invited to write Christian non-fiction reviews over @ The Christian Manifesto. 
I've picked up several new publicity companies for book reviews posting on both my blogs. 
I've taken part in a few creative writing projects for Critty Joy and Margaret McSweeney's Pearl Girls. 
Recently I read and reviewed what I consider my First controversial book, 
A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans. Reviewing this book was practice for me in writing a balanced yet honest review. I did not want to jump on any band wagon for either side of the debate, but to give a fresh and honest opinion.  

I plan to take a break beginning the third week of December. I'll be back in early January 2013 ready to begin writing book reviews! 

Thank you to all my readers for your loyalty and support during these nearly seven years I've been reviewing and blogging! 

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Annette K.


twiga92 said…
That is ambitious! I hope someday to take a Precepts class. My mom, sister and I (and possibly sister -in -law) are going to do the Isaiah inductive Bible study by Kay Arthur together.