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Question of the Week From Thoughts That Move

Each Friday Wendy over @ Thoughts That Move asks a question, all she asks is that we give a reason for our answer.
"Tis the season for being stilled."
"What stills you?"
This is the hardest time of the year to be still. Even before Thanksgiving, just the thought, the anticipation, of the holiday season is over-whelming. I no longer have young children at home. I am though busy with caring for a home, a 90 year old dad, blogging, writing book reviews, and other daily activities.
The problem is not that I'm busy, it is that I am not prioritizing my busyness. I'm hurried and stressed, because after all I chose to add additional activities to this holiday season, which then makes me even more stressed. The problem source is me. So what is the answer? Remember the short-haired blonde fitness instructor that would say, "enough already!" I believe that is what I should ask myself, enough Annette, don't add anymore additional duties to your list. As far as being "still." That requires me to stop what I'm doing, for example allow the dirty dishes to sit a bit longer, and go sit down and read. I especially need to read Scripture. My heart rate lowers, my breathing becomes more even, and my body relaxes when I read Scripture. Those dirty dishes can wait! I need to feed on His Word. His Word saturates my mind and refocuses me back to what matters most about the holiday season, Jesus.