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Review: No Other Gospel by Josh Moody

Title: No Other Gospel, 31 Reasons from Galatians Why Justification by Faith Alone Is the Only Gospel
Author: Josh Moody
Publisher: Crossway 31 January 2011
Genre: Non-fiction
Labels: Galatians, New Testament, Gospel, Christian Living, Justification, Sanctification, Faith, Grace
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 288
Rating: 5 Stars
 No Other Gospel
In the introduction the author made a bold statement in that he believes a large amount of churches, "have grown used to a gospel that is no gospel." He further states, "this was the conviction that fueled Paul's famous letter to the Galatians."quotes from pages 9 and 11.
"It is actually about our common human tendency to think we no longer need Jesus. We have moved on from the cross. We now have a bigger, better gospel-a gospel that is no gospel-that will divide us from God's people, and that is the common human tendency to self-righteousness." page 12
Since the beginning of time people have propelled themselves to do good deeds or a work that is good, in order to earn points, or make an impression on others, especially God. This work-minded mentality haunts us today: in our materialistic, tech-no-gadget, we've been to the moon, stock-market playing, university grad, people. We're quick to point out we're citizens of the greatest nation on earth, America. Doesn't everyone want to live here?
But, all these "things" are temporary. There is an eternity beyond our flesh and bone body.
Josh Moody has written a great commentary, breaking down the six chapters of Galatians into thirty-one chapters for his book.

Gospel is the theme of Galatians.
  • The Gospel is given to us by Jesus. 
  • The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ. His work on the cross in atonement for man's sin. 
  • The Gospel is always relevant.
  • The Gospel cannot be bought or earned, nothing can be added to it. 
  • The Gospel message changes people, from the inside out. 
  • The Gospel is a free gift, we accept it by faith.
"Grace alone, by faith alone, in Jesus alone." 

Positive Points: Plus good reminders for me.
  • Josh Moody spoke on my level. I understood his analogies, his real life applications. 
  • He made valid statements in the present world's feeling about God. 
  • Josh reminded me of human tendency to want to fix something, tweak it. We want to tweak the Gospel, to add something to it. 
  • Reminder that holiness only comes through Jesus Christ and the cross, His Spirit, and the "fruit of the Spirit." 
  • Beware of false teachers, their goal is to twist and destroy the Gospel.
  • That I cannot do whatever I want to do since I'm saved by Jesus.
Negative Points:
  • I enjoy having questions at the end of each chapter for further thought and discussion. 

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