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Review: Approved Unto God with Facing Reality by Oswald Chambers

Approved Unto God with Facing Reality: The Spiritual Life of the Christian Worker
Title: Approved Unto God with Facing Reality, The Spiritual Life of the Christian Worker
Author: Oswald Chambers
Publisher: Discovery House Publishers 1997, Originally---Approved Unto God was published in 1936, and Facing Reality was published in 1939
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Labels: Christian Living, Classic Christian Non-Fiction, Cloud of Witnesses Reading Challenge 2013
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 124 pages
Rating: 5 Stars

The book is two books in one volume. Approved Unto God, is located first in the book and is a bit longer at 67 pages. Facing Reality is located last and 50 pages in length. 
The focal audience of the two books are directed towards Christian workers. We are all Christian workers. We should not think that if we are not a pastor, or Bible teacher, or missionary, we are not working for Christ. In fact we are all workers and servants to and for Christ Jesus.

"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15 NKJV

In the foreword written by David Lambert,
"Do not read this book unless you mean business, but if you do you will find wisdom and understanding on every page."
Do you mean business? This is an excellent question. A fair and exact question, especially to ask in this new year.
How seriously do you take your relationship with Jesus?
Do you read the Bible?
Are you attending Church?
Are you trying to "wing it" or "make-do" on your own?
Maybe you'll put these questions off till later. What if there isn't a later. That last sentence wasn't a question, it's a fact.

Oswald Chambers addresses several topics in these short chapters.
  • One of my favorite points was he reminded us we are not working for ourselves, we work for the Lord. This means we've been entrusted to do a certain work. We do not need other people's approval. We should ignore their bantering ridicule. We are to focus on Jesus and continue onwards.
  • "All God's people are ordinary people made extraordinary by the matter He has given them." pg 10-11
  • Acknowledge God in all areas of your life, do not compartmentalize. Do not spend any time trying to figure out what God is doing with us.
  • Don't be controversial.
Now this is an interesting statement! How many Christian bloggers focus on controversy? And further how many Christians only read controversial topics?
  • "Personality sometimes hinders the Gospel; people are swept off their feet not by the truth presented but by the tremendous force of the personality that presents it." page 51.
  • My favorite-----"The great life is to believe that Jesus Christ is not a fraud. The biggest fear people have is never fear for themselves but fear that their hero won't get through, that He won't be able to explain things satisfactorily for instance, why there should be war or disease.....The great life is not that we believe for something but that when we are up against things in circumstances or in our own dispositions we stake our all on Jesus Christ's honor. If we have faith only in what we experience of salvation, we will get depressed and morbid; to be a believer in Jesus Christ is to have an irrepressible belief and a life of uncrushable gaiety." page 114.
There is a belief that to read Christian non-fiction books from previous centuries or generations is outdated; because we live in a modern age, an age of knowledge, reason, and technology. Another words we are more sophisticated. Learning through other peoples life experiences, godly talents in teaching, and especially the Holy Spirit that is still at work through the teachings of writers no longer living, helps me to grow in my relationship with the Lord. This means the roots of my faith are deepening, and in this I glorify Him.  

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