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Review: Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss

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Title: Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska
Author: Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss
Publisher: Summerside Press January 1, 2013
Genre: Christian Fiction
Labels: Alaska, Romance, Orphaned, Travel, Alaskan History, Missionary
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult, but would be okay for young adult
Pages: 320
Rating: 4 Stars

Ginny Marshall has a growing music career and a music producer that wants her to sign a lucrative contract. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Her lavish lifestyle takes her to important places, and affords her the ability to have expensive material possessions. Her fans make her feel validated, and her self-esteem rises. Her music producer Danny, is controlling and manipulative; but she puts aside any qualms she has about him. Ginny cannot stop thinking about a boyfriend named Brett, that moved back to Gustavus, Alaska a few years ago. She also ponders if "her schemes are in line with God's plans." Before Ginny proceeds with her music career, she must find Brett and have time to think about her next step in life.

Positive Points:
  • I learned a great deal about Alaskan history through this book.
  • Romance element is real. Realistic problems that can happen to any couple. The story gives godly wisdom to help the characters sort everything out. 
  • Poetic comparisons in the writing of the story. 
  • An ability to see and learn from others through their life history. 
  • Self-worth, self-esteem, seeking others to validate ourselves or give us our identity. As Christian's our identity is in Christ Jesus. The character Ginny is a picture of many of us, we seek our identity in others by them lifting us up and making us feel good about ourselves. Instead our identity is in Christ Jesus.
  • Beautiful scenery described in the book gave it a travel-book feel. I escaped for a brief time to beautiful wild majestic Alaska.
  • Materialism versus what matters most that cannot be bought, are taught in this story.
  • The feelings and scars of a person who was abandoned as a child, orphaned, and living in a foster care system is all explored in this story.
Negative Points:
The only negative point is I loved the character of Brett's grandmother---Ethel---and I would have loved more dialogue from her. Her story is important, she is often apart of the scenes; but I wanted more dialogue between her and Ginny, or Brett.

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