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Review: Angels of Ebermannstadt, The Journey of an Honored Soldier, a Daughter, and Life's Greatest Lessons of Faith and Friendship by Charlene Quint Kalebic

Title: Angels of Ebermannstadt, The Journey of an Honored Soldier, a Daughter, and Life's Greatest Lessons of Faith and Friendship
Author: Charlene Quint Kalebic
Publisher: Deep River Books 25 October 2012
Genre: Non-Fiction
Labels: Father Daughter Relationship, Memoir, World War II, Europe
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 160
Rating: 4 Stars

Summary: Charlene and her father made a memorable trip back to Europe during the 60th Anniversary of D-Day, June 2004. During World War II Charlene's father, Richard Quint, had been in the 9th Armored Division, 27th Infantry Battalion. He was a medic after he joined the Army. Later, he was transfered to a combat unit. He was 17 when he enlisted. During Charlene's childhood, her father never spoke of his memories of war. His silence made Charlene curious. What memories did he hold tightly to in his mind? How had the war affected him? How would his sharing affect her? The town of Ebermannstadt, Germany had been deeply affected by the war, in textbooks and documentaries viewers are told of the atrocities and victims of those that were the brunt of Nazi Germany; but German citizens were affected by the loss of their homes, food, and the men being away at war (often forced to join). It was the innocent children that suffered the most. Many years later the town of Ebermannstadt welcomed Charlene's father with a royal welcome.

Positive Points:
  • I can relate to Charlene on several points. My own father is a World War II Veteran, Omaha Beach on D-day 6 June 1944, and the Battle of the Bulge during the bitter cold winter of December 1944. When I was growing up my father openly talked about his experiences, often they were the same stories, and I'm sure he cleaned up many of them removing their graphic nature. As I grew older my dad spoke more about what he saw and experienced. I too traveled with my dad back to Europe, including Omaha Beach, and the Normandy Cemetery, in 1999. Being there on Omaha Beach with my dad was a pivotal point in my life and in my relationship with dad. No longer was Omaha Beach a story he'd told me, or a documentary on television, or a story portrayed in a movie. It was a tangible real place. D-Day was a defining moment in World War II, and Omaha Beach is a place where many men who fought their way across that long beach head would bravely sacrifice their lives. I remember vividly walking down the beach to where the surf was coming in and thinking about what had happened those many years ago, I turned around and saw my dad in the distance with that thousand yard stare, and I knew that he was remembering the sacrifice of so many men, and God's grace in protecting him.
  • Charlene's dad taught her faithfulness. Faithfulness in his duty and love for his country during World War II, and faithfulness in his everyday life after the war. He was a man of the "greatest generation" loyal and committed and hard-working and resilient. Charlene "pondered life's lessons" through her dad.  She learned not so much by what he said, but by how he lived his life. This to me is the greatest lesson another person can teach, their faithful action. Faithfulness is not just in big things, but also in the everyday small things of life that to many people wouldn't matter; but they do matter, especially to God who is observing our attitudes and motives and the depth of our heart. 
  • I loved this story because it teaches what many of us have forgotten, the things that matter the most. 
Negative Point:
The only negative point I have is I wish the author had elaborated more in this story, another words I feel this book should have been longer. So much more could be written, that needs to be written, that is waiting to be written. 

Thank you to Deep River Books, Charlene Quint Kalebic, and Bring It On Communications! for my free book in exchange for an honest review. 

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