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Review: The God Who Walks Beside Us by David Roper

God Who Walks Beside Us, The WK113
Title: The God Who Walks Beside Us
Author: David Roper
Publisher: Discovery House Publisher 2013
Genre: Non-Fiction
Labels: Jacob, OT, Christian Growth
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 136
Rating: 5 Stars

This small book is full of wise words. I'll have several favorite quotes to share in this review.
The God Who Walks Beside Us taught me through the story of Jacob in Genesis several points:
  1. Jacob was a conniver and manipulator, he was a deceiver. He was a man that tried to control his destiny without the wisdom of God. He floundered, and toiled hard in recourse because of his impatient actions. Yet, God blessed him and God used Jacob despite his flaws. God can use all of us, God can use me---despite my hard-headed, stubborn, and impatient behavior. God can and will use me. God will not use me for a little gold star in my honor, but God will use me for His glory. 
  2. God is never shocked or surprised by my sin, or failures. 
  3. Before God can use me for a great purpose, I must "see the monstrous evil in my soul". I must "see" the horror of my sin, and understand that without Him I cannot be cleansed, or free, or truly have life. 
  4. A "challenging relationship can be my schoolhouse, the means by which I become conformed to His will". The author gave an example of a challenging marriage, but I feel a challenging relationship can also be included. To stay in a challenging marriage is not something many people would do, they would give up and walk away. The author is not talking about an abusive type marriage. He is referring to a taxing or challenging marriage. 
  5. Holiness is not "done in our own initiative". It is done by "being willing to honor God and let Him work in our life, simply to stand still and let Him be the 'holy one' who will have first place in my life, above all men and all things". 
  6. Do not wish for or dwell on what "might have been". God is working in my life no matter what is going on, or has happened, or will happen. 
  7. "Heaven is my real home."
David Roper touched on several things I needed to hear at this time in my life. God is so good, in that He ministers to me and teaches me through books I review.

The God Who Walks Beside Us would be an excellent book to read for anyone going through a difficult time. Maybe a person is discouraged, or saddened by an event, maybe they are wondering what the next course of life will be. It is uplifting, encouraging, comforting.

Further quotes:
"This life is a school, a training period where we are being prepared for something that is incredibly great, but is yet to come."
"The only way to grow into Christ's likeness is to submit each day to the conditions that God brings into our lives. It is a matter of laying down our wills and accepting His will as it comes to us in the form of the people with whom we live and work..."
Thank you to Discovery House Publishers for my free review copy.

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Paperback $8.19

David Roper served as a pastor for many years. Now, he and his wife, Carolyn, offer encouragement and counsel to pastoral couples through Idaho Mountain Ministries. David is author of thirteen books and is a regular and popular writer for Our Daily Bread. Over 630,000 of his books are in print.
Biography courtesy of Discovery House Publishers. 


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