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Review: Labeled by Humanity Loved by God by Tammy P. Stafford

 Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God
Title: Labeled by Humanity Loved by God
Author: Tammy P. Stafford
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation 2 September 2010
Genre: Non-Fiction
Labels: Biography, Testimony
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult or Young Adult
Pages: 120
Rating: 5 Stars

Tammy "was born with a severe deformity of the lower legs and feet." She was born in rural Georgia 1963. Her parents were told after her birth that she should be put in a place where she could be adequately cared for. Instead, her parents accepted the challenge to care for Tammy with tenacity, love, grit, and grace. They believed by faith that somehow and someway God would work it all out. Tammy begins with the how her parents met, her birth, childhood and teenage years, working career, marriage and family.

Positive Points:
  • Tammy's story of her life is written with transparency. I grieved over the various trials she encountered, whether it was her fear of ridicule and teasing by her peers, or the pain from her deformity. She expresses her fear, pain, insecurities, mistakes in life choices, and her parents insecurities and apprehensions. 
  • She is never hesitant about giving God all the honor and glory in her life. The miracles that happened to her, people that came in to her life "at just the right time" were not accidents, but God given appointments.
  • Through her dramatic emotional story, I have a better understanding and can relate to a person that has a handicap.
  • Tammy's story is encouraging, uplifting, transparent, and deeply personal.
  • In the last chapter she shares the reason for writing her story which gives the book a mission task, she felt compelled by God to share her story. 
I found no negative points.

Favorite quotes:
"His look told the story without any need for words. The circumstances were grim. The choices were limited and depressing. The feelings were unimaginable." page 14.
"It is hard for me to understand that  most of humanity will accept sin that causes disease with open arms but will shun someone who was disabled from birth innocently, with no control over the situation." page 34-35
Thank you to Tammy P. Stafford for my free review copy.

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Tammy Stafford said…
Thanks Annette for your wonderful review! My favorite part of your review - "She is never hesitant about giving God all the honor and glory in her life." God bless you...