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Review: Beside Two Rivers, Book Two The Daughters of the Potomac Series by Rita Gerlach

Title: Beside Two Rivers, Book Two The Daughters of the Potomac Series
Author: Rita Gerlach
Publisher: Abingdon Press October 2012
Genre: Fiction
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 336
Rating: 4 Stars

When Beside Two Rivers begins it is 1797 Potomac Heights, Maryland. We are introduced to a young woman named Darcy Morgan who is the princple character in Beside Two Rivers. She's the daughter of Hayward and Eliza Morgan. This couple was the main characters in book one Before The Scarlet Dawn. Since she was a young girl Darcy's been living with her aunt and uncle and their daughters. Her father moved west. Darcy was told her mother died. Darcy is a wise and prudent person, unafraid of hard work; but she's also known to have an "adventurous spirit". Darcy meets handsome Ethan, but he soon will depart back for England. Meanwhile, Darcy's been invited to visit her grandmother in England whom she's never met. Darcy's "adventurous spirit" will be tested!

My Thoughts:
I loved book one Before The Scarlet Dawn. It was a book that was dramatic and impassioned from its first page until the end.  
I also loved Beside Two Rivers. This story has down-shifted from the tense nature of the first book. Darcy is a young woman who has her head and heart in the right place. She is not ruled by her emotions.
I so.......appreciated her! She is an admirable character, because of her integrity.
As in all of Rita Gerlach's books the descriptions give a crisp vividness to the story.
Rita showed through Beside Two Rivers the importance of grace and forgiveness. I was also glad to see through her characters that one generation in a family is not a predictor of how the next generation will live. 

Link to read chapter one:

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Rita Gerlach said…
Dear Annette,
Thank you for this review. I am so happy you enjoyed reading the first two books in the Daughters of the Potomac series. I look forward to your comments about book 3, Beyond the Valley, which I must admit happens to be my favorite of the three.