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Review: Miracle on Snowbird Lake by Stan Bednarz

Miracle on Snowbird Lake
Title: Miracle on Snowbird Lake
Author: Stan Bednarz
Publisher: Carmichael Publishing January 2013
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Child Abduction, Mystery, Suspense
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 176
Rating: 5 Stars for excellence,_Deerland,_New_York.jpg
It is the end of summer and school will begin soon. Eleven year old Annie Davis, rode her bicycle to visit her dad who is the pastor of a church in small town Dutch Hollow, New York. Dutch Hollow, seems to be tucked-in safely, in the Adirondack Mountains. Annie and her dad hug, and she pedals off, turning briefly to smile at her dad. Neither knew that their lives would soon change forever.
Pastor Robert Davis, and his wife Mary, withdrawal into their own private hell. They blame themselves, each other, and feel that "death is around every corner". Memories of Annie, haunt them. They wonder what happened? Who took her? How long will their suffering last?
Caring for their young son Little Rob, and Robert's pastorate, keep them going. Robert's main thrust for getting up each day is traveling through the other small towns in the Adirondack mountains to leave flyers, and ask questions that will hopefully lead them to Annie, and what happened.
A strange woman visits Robert, telling him odd and unsettling information. She claims she's a psychic. This new twist is more than troubling to Robert, because he doesn't know if he believes this sort of thing, or maybe he's so desperate he should believe?

My Thoughts:
I gave Miracle on Snowbird Lake 5 Stars for the following 6 reasons.
1. Stan Bednarz is a wonderful story-teller. His words and phrases drew me in to the story. Even those un-noticeable things that many writers would not describe; Stan describes, which gives added humanity to the story. For example: peoples breath----like coffee breath, or a person tripping. I feel adding these descriptions gave a reality and a vividness to the story.
2. Child abduction and abuse is horrifying. Just saying those words pierce my heart. Yet, their are so many people that have been affected by this. To share a story, even in fiction, helps us to be vigilant and proactive. We do have empathy. Yet, what next? Once upon a time in generations prior, people did not speak of these things, and the abused suffered another form of abuse---silence.
3. Stan Bednarz does not tell us his characters are suffering under stress, or sadness, or anger, or bitterness----he shows us through the story. For example: Robert Davis always has a pack of Tums in his pocket, and throughout the story he pops them in his mouth like Tic-Tac's. We then understand he has stomach acid that is rumbling and grounding in his stomach which is caused from stress.
4. Stan uses symbolism in the story. For example:
"The closer he got, the more he could see that the paint had worn thin streaks like old dry tears, as if the house had cried out." page 129.
5. I saw how the characters wrestled with wanting revenge, what to do with their anger, with unanswered questions, and with God who had allowed this.
6. Miracle on Snowbird Lake is memorable, a deeply affecting story!

Thank you to Bring it on Communications! for my free review copy.

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