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Review: Unholy Hunger, A Novel---Lure of the Serpent Book 1 by Heather James

Title: Unholy Hunger, A Novel---Lure of the Serpent Book 1
Author: Heather James
Publisher: Kregel, 14 December 2012
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Child Abduction, Suspense, Murder, Detective
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 272
Rating: 5 Stars

Evelyn Barrett is a resilient, tough-talking, brazen, bold, assertive, fiery independent, litigation attorney. She's living a lavish life in California with her "gorgeous blond" husband and their young daughter Corinne. Life screeches to a halt when their daughter is abducted and murdered. Evelyn's mental despair channels into an obsession to find the murderer. Between her personality and legal knowledge, she tirelessly works to find the evil killer. Every area of Evelyn's life will be tested and turned upside down.

My Thoughts:
1. From the first chilling sentence this story had me. I could not and did not put the book down, I read the entire book in one day!
"Yes, I wanted to die. As long as my daughter's murderer died with me, I was ready to go." Prologue page 7.
2. This is a heavy story. It is heavy in that it's depressing, heart-wrenching.
The story made me angry and I wanted to shout out why?  I don't understand, nor could I ever understand this kind of evil against children.
This story is scary. It's scary because I know it happens too often. Precious innocent children snatched away and murdered.
3. The author Heather James, showed me through this story the horrors of what Evelyn and her husband went through. Feeling empathy for Evelyn and her husband made me question and re-question justice and revenge for what had been done to their daughter. I could understand their feelings, and yet wrestled with what was the right thing to do.
4. Heather James, writes a suspense, detective novel very well. She knows how to draw the reader in, making the story both believable, and further compelling a strong reaction from the reader.
5. The book is Christian fiction and there are minor references of Scripture. Instead, the author lets the story wound itself into my mind and heart in order to teach me the horrors of evil and what can happen to a Christian if we allow ourselves to be pulled under for revenge.
6. There is little pause in the story. There are no breaks for the reader, it is very intense.
7. The dynamics of Evelyn's own childhood and parents are brought in to the story. This helped to give me an idea of how her personality was formed.
8. I gave Unholy Hunger 5 Stars because it is very well-written, compelled me to respond, the main character is strong (leaping off the page strong), and the theme is one that must be told and dealt with. 

Thank you to Kregel for my free review copy.

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