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Interview With Ian Acheson Author of Angelguard

Image of Ian Acheson
1. What led you to write a story using angels and demons as characters?

We live in a world where so much evil occurs. It fascinates me that the Bible talks a lot about spiritual warfare but we as a Christian community tend not to. In writing Angelguard I hoped to highlight this battle.

All my life I’ve loved stories of good and evil. Super heroes, to Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Ted Dekker and on. Frank Peretti’s “Darkness” books had a big impact on me 20 or so years ago when they came out. Since I was a kid, I’d always visualized angels and demons in the common way I think most people do, that is, human-like with wings. Other than Lewis’ work, the “Darkness” novels were the first Christian novels I’d read that provided a visual picture of this spiritual battle.

Prayer is powerful. Prayer moves heaven and if we don’t pray, things may not happen. I believe God wants to use us to help Him do His work. So I was drawn to writing a story that captured the 2 elements: supernatural conflict, the power of prayer to effect that conflict and all set in a modern day scenario.

2. Please tell me about your study and research on angels and demons?

It’s ongoing Annette. Naturally I started with the Bible and a series of commentaries (I must list them on my website). Then I’ve read a lot fiction where the supernatural intersects with the natural. Besides those mentioned above, we’ve got some great authors in Jim Rubart, Erin Healy, Mike Dellosso, Tom Pawlik to name a few who feature the supernatural in some of their work.

3. With the current situation of North Korea, as well as other hostile nations that are at enmity---Angelguard is not completely fiction, but is a real possibility. How do you feel about Angelguard being published at the same time as Korea's instability in what action they'll take?  

I wrote the first draft 18 months after 9/11. There is an explanation for this evil. We as Christians understand it (well I hope we do) and hence why it’s increasingly important we be including these global events in our prayers.

4. Angelguard covers a lot of different countries. Are you a world traveler?

Maybe on the Internet, Annette. I have been fortunate to travel a bit. It’s a little inbred in Australians. We’re so far away from the rest of the world that we go exploring.

And yes, I have been to Fontainebleau in France where a lot of the action takes place. My wife and I made a detour whilst holidaying in France so I could validate some of the scenes I’d written.

5. There is a network, hierarchy, and ultimate goal of angels and of demons. Do you believe that people give thought to these concepts?

Probably not. I have used fictional license to establish a network and hierarchy. I’d love to know what some of your readers think about these concepts. Once again, a key focus for writing the novel is to emphasize there is a battle for our souls.

6. The power of prayer is displayed through the Christian characters in Angelguard. I loved this strong element of prayer. Do you feel that most Christians understand its importance, or is prayer more of a private affair, or even an afterthought?

Thanks Annette. I know in my experience I’ve taken prayer for granted. Besides being my first novel, the evolution of Angelguard has moved in parallel with my own faith journey where I’ve learnt the importance of prayer in my walk with the Lord. Jesus, besides being our Saviour, is also our model for relationship with the Father. He was continually separating Himself to commune with the Father. This practice is one He’d like us all to adopt.

7. Please tell me about Christian publishing and readership in Australia?

It’s a small market. Hence, why I sought an overseas publisher. Perhaps as an indication we have a handful of Christian book retailers, one of which dominates the market.

8. I'm sad to admit I hear little about Australia in the news. Would you share with me about your homeland, Australia?

Australia has a population of 23 million. So if my facts are correct we have a slightly smaller population than Texas. Would that be correct, Annette? (current Tx population is 26,932,619)

We’re also descendants from Britain but are very multi-cultural so there is strong Asian and European influence in our culture.

I live in Sydney, the largest city by population (4.6 million). Sydney is harbour-based having been in our early days a large shipping port. We have 2 iconic landmarks: the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Bridge is the widest long span bridge in the world (not the longest but widest).
In the past 25 years there has been a decline in mainstream Protestant and Catholic church attendance. This has been offset to some extent by the large growth in the Pentecostal and Evangelical denominations. You may be familiar with Hillsong’s music. They were birthed in Sydney over 30 years ago. Besides exporting their great music they have established a church network in the US and in some European countries. I belong to the C3 Churchgroup that also started in Sydney and now has an extensive global network of churches in Africa, Asia, Europe, Britain and the US.

Thank you to Ian Acheson for allowing me to interview him for my blog. 
Thank you to Wikipedia for the posted photo's of Australia.

Angelguard is Book One in the Angelguard Trilogy.
Published February 1, 2013 by Lion Hudson/Kregel Publication
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Ian Acheson said…

Thanks for having me over on your blog for another post. I enjoyed our "virtual chat".

Many blessings to you, to your readers and family.