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Review: A Plain Scandal by Amanda Flower

A Plain Scandal (Appleseed Creek Mystery #2)
Title: A Plain Scandal
Author: Amanda Flower
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group 15 February 2013
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Amish, Murder Mystery, Mystery, Romance
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 336
Rating: 4 Stars

Chloe Humphrey shares a rent house with her friend Becky Troyer, in the town of Appleseed Creek, Ohio. Chloe is the director for computer services at a nearby college. Chloe is a Christian, but she is not Mennonite, nor Amish. Her friend and roommate Becky grew up Amish but left the group along with her brother Timothy, to live as a the English. Timothy is a general contractor in Appleseed Creek. Early in the story Chloe hears of an attack on the Bishop's daughter. As the story progresses there are several people in the Amish community that are attacked. Chloe investigates on her own these rare attacks contained in the seemingly peaceful Amish community.

My Thoughts:
I loved this story!
  • Chloe as an Englisher gave me a viewpoint that was not Amish. In most Amish themed stories the viewpoint is from an Amish or Mennonite person. Chloe is friends with several of the people that all live as Amish or Mennonite. She visits them in their homes and businesses. She is close friends with several of them. She understands them as best she can coming from a different background. I enjoyed her judicial and neutral observations.
  • The type of career Chloe has means she is detail oriented, organized, a good communicator, a logic reasoner, and an analyzer of what she sees. These traits give her a needed edge in investigating the perpetrator of the vicious crimes in Appleseed Creek, Ohio. 
  • There is an added point in this story that weaves in with the attacks. This second storyline brought out an interesting twist, as well as an added story that doubled my interest.
  • The mystery element itself is not macabre, it should be considered a light mystery.
I did wonder how credible it was to have a civilian working to figure out the mystery of the attacks. There is a police force involved in solving the crimes, yet they didn't seem to have a problem with Chloe helping.

Thank you to Amanda Flower, Shelton Interactive for my FREE review copy!

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