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Review: Courting Cate, The Courtships of Lancaster County Book One by Leslie Gould

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Title: Courting Cate, The Courtships of Lancaster County Book One
Author: Leslie Gould
Publisher: Bethany House November 2012
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Amish Fiction, Lancaster County, Romance
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 352
Rating: 3 Stars

I do not consider myself an Amish fiction reader, definitely not a fan. On rare occasions I do read them. I was given this book for free from Bethany House, from their program for book clubs.
Having stated my feelings, it makes it a challenge to review an Amish story.

Paradise, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Summary: Cate is the elder sister. Her younger sister by a few years is Betsy. Cate is level-headed, reserved, loves to read, not interested in cooking or baking, she's not boy crazy, she helps their father in his business. Cate is a young woman who's been hurt in the past, and she guards her heart. Betsy is an emotional type gal, she's a pretty girl and has a charming personality---both of which she uses to her advantage. Their father makes a hard decision, Betsy cannot marry until Cate does. Cate is adamant in not wanting to get married. Betsy is adamant is making sure she does. Meanwhile, a new fella comes to work for their dad, his name is Pete Treger. Pete's a good looking guy. Quickly, he shows interest in Cate. The big question is how genuine is Pete?

My Thoughts:
Most of the story is predictable. Girl meets boy, attraction, problem, work it out, stay together, etc, etc.
Cate didn't want to get married and she was happy with this decision. Too bad the author didn't let her stay that way.
Both Cate and Pete are great looking people, this too is typical. Not realistic, dreamy yes, but not realistic.
Cate and Betsy are opposite and often at odds, this too is typical. It is though realistic. I have 2 son's and both are as unlike as night and day. 
I could relate to Cate in that she loves to read and would rather read than anything else. Several characters in the book make fun of Cate, wanting her to live life, and not with her nose in the book. This was a good point. The author used Cate's new situation to grow the character of Cate. In this I saw a transformation. A new transformation gave me reason to continue reading.
This is not a story where you'll find many Bible verses, nor what some reader's call "preachiness". It is though a clean/moral/teaching type story. This is always refreshing. To read a story where I do not fear reading words or situations that the characters are in that make my heart hurt.

Thank you to Bethany House for my free review copy.

Link for book @ Amazon:
Paperback $6.00
Kindle $8.54