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Review: An Unholy Communion, The Monastery Murders Book 3 by Donna Fletcher Crow

Title: An Unholy Communion, Book 3, The Monastery Murders
Author: Donna Fletcher Crow
Publisher: Lion Huson/Kregel Publications 22 March 2013
Genre: Fiction
Labels: The Monastery Murder Series, Wales, Anglican Church, Murder Mystery, Suspense, Spiritual Warfare
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 384
Rating: 2 Stars

Father Antony, and his fiancé Felicity, are the chaperone's and guides of a youth walking pilgrimage through Wales. Father Antony is a young Anglican priest and teacher at College of Transfiguration in Yorkshire, England. Felicity, is a young American living in England, and attending the same college that Father Antony is at. She is an ordinand, she also sings in the choir. They plan to marry at the end of the year. The walking pilgrimage takes place in June. It is a small group of youth and college students. They sleep in churches using sleeping bags. They are fed by the churches parishioner's. Before the pilgrimage begins Felicity suffers a frightful and shocking encounter. During the course of the pilgrimage various members of the group are plagued with illnesses, accidents, and strange occurrences.
An Unholy Communion is a mystery, in that Father Antony and Felicity are working to find the reason for these strange occurrences.

My Thoughts:
  • What I liked about An Unholy Communion is the story is based in Wales. My beloved Wales. Home of my ancestor's.
  • I also liked the premise of a pilgrimage walking tour. This tour traveled through Wales, exploring various landmarks and archeology sites, as well as the historical significance of each place.
  • I also liked reading a story that was of another denominational church rather than the usual Christian fiction books. I knew little about the Anglican Church when I began reading this story.
  • What I disliked about Unholy Communion was the supernatural focus. I believe that there are evil and dark forces that happen in this world. Jesus told us to expect it; although, Jesus said that He has overcome the world. This means we should not fear. Our focus and trust should be on Jesus Christ. I do not believe the evil one should get anymore attention than he already gets. I would have liked it if this book had given MORE attention---most of the attention, to Jesus Christ, not to the possible supernatural happenings or heinous plots from the evil one. I understand that many reader's enjoy supernatural type stories. I feel strongly that as a Christian I must be very careful what I ingest into my mind. To provoke fear and confusion is a large part in what the evil one does. Anything to take my eyes/our eyes off the Lord Jesus Christ, is a main goal of the evil one. 
Thank you to Litfuse Publicity Group and Lion Hudson/Kregel Publications for my FREE review copy!

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Maria Behar said…
Hi, Annette!

What a fascinating premise for a novel! I do agree with the points you make about more emphasis being given to the power of Jesus Christ. Still, I also agree that it's nice to see a book about a denomination that's under-represented in Christian fiction. I have long been intrigued by the Anglican Church, although I was raised Catholic. That's because I think that the Catholic Church should allow its priests to marry. Enforced celibacy is TOTALLY ridiculous! Also, Anglicans ordain women to the priesthood. I firmly believe that women can and should be priests, just as much as men are.

Getting back to the plot, I must admit I don't normally read mysteries, but I do like this one, for the reasons above!

By the way, thanks for visiting my BBH post, and leaving a comment!! :)