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Review: The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen

The Tutor's Daughter

Title: The Tutor's Daughter
Author: Julie Klassen
Publisher: Bethany House January 2013
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Regency Era, England, Romance, Mystery, Gothic Fiction, Romantic Period
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 416
Rating: 5 Stars

Authors site:Julie

John Smallwood is a teacher, and he has been invited to teach two brothers Julian and Rowan Weston, in their home at Ebbington Manor, in Cornwall, England. Several years ago John Smallwood, had been a busy teacher at his Smallwood Academy, but business is slow and he is in need of students. He'd taught the older brothers Henry and Phillip Weston several years ago at his Smallwood Academy. John and his daughter Emma age 21, except the teaching job. John and Emma travel from their home in Devonshire, to Ebbington Manor, in Cornwall, England. After arriving, Emma feels as if the family is cool towards her and her father. Strange noises begin to happen in the late hours of the night. Emma, has the strong feeling that the Weston family is hiding something.

My Thoughts:
I loved this story so much that I read it in ONE day! I could not put the book down! Every time I thought "now I can put the book down and read something else", a new scene in the book would develop, and I just could not stop reading.
The Tutor's Daughter is similar to a Gothic Fiction novel, in that it has elements of horror and romance.
I would not say the horror is true horror, but a mystery. This is not a paranormal story, but once again more of a mystery.

What I loved about The Tutor's Daughter. 
  • The story unwinds perfectly. There is perfect form and rhythm in the story. Slow and steady movement. This made for never letting me be able to stop reading! 
  • I loved the character of Emma. She is loyal and faithful to her father. She is an observant person. She has a kind and gentle heart. She is patient. She does not make rash emotional decisions. She is a thinker. When the occasion arises, she expresses herself very well. I especially loved it that she is a smart young woman and does not adhere to foolishness.
  • The Weston family, is a blended gobbling mess, of varying temperaments, talents, vices, opinions. They are an entertainment all on their own. They are also characters who are not all trustworthy, and it's obvious they are hiding something. They are a reflection of a real family, an imperfect relatable family.
  • A few surprises in the story. I'm pretty good about figuring out what a mystery in a story is. I was surprised when this mystery was revealed. 
  • The ending is not hurried, nor silly. 
  • I enjoyed reading a story that reminded me a bit of a Jane Austen novel, with a twist of Bronte. 
Thank you to Bethany House and their book club program for my free review copy!
Link @ Amazon:
Paperback $11.56
Kindle $8.54


Cathy said…
Wonderful review Annette! I just finished this one too and really enjoyed it.

I always look forward to Julie's books. : )
Grace said…
I started this one but never finished it. The good LORD willing, I would like to finish it someday, though.