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Review: Gold of Kings, A Storm Syrrell Adventure by Davis Bunn

Title: Gold of Kings, A Storm Syrrell Adventure
Author: Davis Bunn
Publisher: A Howard/Touchstone Book, Simon and Schuster May 4, 2009
Genre: Fiction
Theme: An adventure story about the treasures of the Copper Scroll. 
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 368
Source: Self-purchased.
Rating: 4 stars
File:Part of Qumran Copper Scroll (2).jpg
Copper Scroll from Qumran

Storm Syrrell is the granddaughter of Sean Syrrell an antiquity, antique and art dealer. Storm works in Sean's shop in a ritzy area of Palm Beach, Florida. Storm is estranged from her father. At the beginning of the story Sean Syrrell is murdered. After the settling of his estate, tension mounts when Storm makes the commitment to follow through on Sean's ultimate goal in antiquities. Storm meets a business accomplice of Sean's, Harry Bennett. Harry is a confident, thrill seeking, savvy man. Their plot to find the treasure is discovered by government agencies and devious men. Will finding the treasure lead to selfish pleasures, or will finding the treasure lead to a change in their hearts?

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed reading this book.
It was an adventure story with characters and an intriguing storyline that kept me reading.
The information about the Copper Scroll was new to me. I'd read information many times about the Dead Sea Scrolls, but failed to pay attention to the Copper Scroll that were found at the same time. The history of the second Temple in Jerusalem, as well as the aftermath of its destruction and what might have happened to the artifacts was interesting. This is fascinating history.
Storm Syrrell is a reserved kind of girl. She's not depicted as a dependent wispy girl, but rather a girl that doesn't understand her own strength. The challenge she faces gives her the chance to "rise to the occasion."
Harry Bennett is a man who's done what he wanted to do without having dependents or a serious relationship that would have grounded him. Instead, he's a physical type man, using his own knowledge and strength to deal with the world. He too will be faced with the possibility of a life changing transformation.
I recommend this book, it's an enticing adventure story that left me wanting to read book two.

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