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Review: Smelling Stinkweed, Gardening Naked and Other News by V. H. Moss

Title: Smelling Stinkweed, Gardening Naked and Other News
Author: V. H. Moss
Publisher: BookBaby May 16, 2013
Genre: Non-fiction
Theme: Conservative thoughts on current news stories around the world
Format: eBook Kindle
Age: Adult
Pages: 52, 266 KG
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: I bought this Kindle book.

Moss has written several topics from a conservative perspective.
For example:
Moss begins by sharing what Barbara Walters, a respected journalist has confessed---that she's never read the Bible, yet like so much of the world either she has a negative opinion on it or is indifferent towards it. It seems as if many people in the world has a negative opinion about the Bible, even though they've not read it. We often hear someone well-known to us through the media misquoting the Bible, taking a verse they've heard someone else say out of context. As intelligent and sophisticated as they profess, they are ignorant of God's Word, but then again they don't believe it is God's Word and thus relevant for our modern era.
Moss states, "You can't read God's Word without the story gripping your heart, knowing the world is not living according to God's perfect plan, and that what God has revealed to us is the most amazing story about His people, the grafted in Gentiles who believe in Jesus Christ, and redemption. The redemption that is meant for all mankind if they'll only accept and obey God's Word, and the teachings of Jesus-God's One and only Son."
Moss shares a mini-study from Jeremiah and Isaiah.
Moss also shares a taboo subject on cannibalism. This topic was frightening. Shocking.
Moss ends by sharing a plea for a world she doesn't understand or recognize. A world where Atheist's seem to be gaining ground, especially in indoctrinating young people in to their fold.

My Thoughts:
I found Moss' perspective similar to my own. All the pieces were interesting, thought provoking, and even shocking.
I only had one disagreement. Moss believes that if an unbeliever will just read the Bible they will be changed, God changed, and thus become a believer in Christ Jesus. I have known people who have read the Bible cover to cover and they've not become a believer, the Bible was nothing more to them then a historical book, or even a gripping saga fiction/fantasy. To me the difference in the Bible changing someones life is the Holy Spirit, then God's Word is alive to them. God's Word changes them from the inside out. God's Word is no longer a work of men, but of God, and further of God's plan throughout, for the redemption of mankind.

Vicki Moss
Contributing Editor 

Southern Writers Magazine

author of How To Write For Kids' Magazines
and Writing with Voice
Columnist for American Daily Herald

Available on Kindle:
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