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Review: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart, How To Know For Sure You Are Saved by J.D. Greear

Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible reviewed this book yesterday. She and I are friends and blogging buddies, but ironically we didn't plan our in-sync of reading and reviewing this book.
Link for Becky's review is in the above highlighted area.

Title: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart, How To Know For Sure You Are Saved
Author: J. D. Greear
Publisher: B&H Books January 31, 2013
Genre: Non-fiction
Theme: Assurance of Salvation
Format: E-Book Kindle
Age: Adult
Pages: 128 for the book, 863 KB for Kindle
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: I purchased this e-Book.

J. D. Greear's aim in his book is to explain to us the Gospel message, including the meanings behind the words so often used, and how when a person accepts and believes by faith in Jesus and His Gospel, should rest in assurance that they are saved and thus having eternal life.

The foreword is by Paige Patterson the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
There is additional material in the back of the book on: "What about baptism?" and "The indispensable link between assurance and the doctrine of justification by faith alone."

My Thoughts:
The ability to cover the books content in 128 pages is amazing. Let alone, explain the Gospel and our assurance, is even more amazing. This is a positive point for those who are not big readers. The book will not be an exhaustive theological book that could be too much to handle for some. The book packs a big punch in a small container, pardon my expression.
In my review I'll not only explain how I feel about this book, but in my next post I'll be sharing my testimony of my relationship with Jesus Christ.

What I loved about this book and why I gave it 5 stars for excellent:
  • J.D. Greear is transparent in sharing from his own life about when he had doubts, anxieties, insecurities, misinformation about his beliefs; and further his observations of other people and what they experienced.
  • He addresses in more than one chapter the words, "once saved always saved." 
  • Those words that we often hear in church, but don't know the full meaning of or the complexities of: repentance, justification, belief, advocate, volitional, surrender, faith, finished work of Jesus Christ, reconciliation, and righteousness.
  • Greear asked important questions for example (from chapter two) "How can you take up the cross if you're not convinced of your resurrection?" and "You will never have the strength to say 'no' to sin until you realize the unconditional 'yes' that God has given you in Christ." These questions are beginning points in his book. They are questions that must be answered in order to proceed.
  • Greear in a small sentence summed up how I already felt, "Real love = fear removed." 
  • Greear states we should "rest in His arms." What he means is we as believer's in Jesus Christ should rest in His finished work on the cross. We are assured by Him that we are sealed and owned by Him as expressed by Paul in Ephesians. "In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory." Ephesians 1:13-14. NKJV.
  • "Following Jesus is about walking with Him." Greear explains we might not always agree with God, nor do we always 'feel' a high emotion of ecstasy in our relationship. Walking with Jesus means He is in first place in our life, it means our posture is one of submission, it means our life is NOT about us but is all about Jesus. 
  • In one of the last chapters Greear talked about "Evidence You Have Believed."  This led some reviewers to believe that Greear was talking about a 'works mentality.' I want to address this. In simple terms---I am a mother and thus I act and live out my life as a mother, I am a wife and thus I act and live out my life as a wife, I read and thus I act and live out my life as a reader. Why should I say I am a Christian and not act as if I am one? It would make no sense. It would be deceptive. Does this mean I won't fail? Of course I will. But, this means I persevere---living my life before and in the presence of God. It is God's Spirit in me that propels me forward----I want to be faithful, and I want to be loving, and I want to give the glory to Him alone. I want my will to be bent to the lowest posture, I am His servant until He calls me home.  
Link for book @ Amazon:
Hardcover $11.69
Kindle $9.39


Becky said…
Great review, Annette! And I loved your last point! It's very true!